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Disproving 5 Solar Storage Myths

Solar benefits might sound too good to be true — they’re not, yet solar myths still pop up. We’ll debunk five common solar storage myths.

Nature tends to throw us dangerous curveballs, from hurricanes to freezes. And then come power outages. It’s a frightening and risky world without electricity. 

Fortunately, solar panels and solar home power systems help us stay safe when worst comes to worst. But for some people, all those solar-powered benefits sound too good to be true. They’re not, yet solar myths still pop up — even myths about solar storage batteries! 

We’ll clear the air and debunk five common solar storage myths we’ve run across.

Note: In this article, we’ll focus on solar storage batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall and SunPower SunVault that as a solar panel company with many years, we offer.

1. Solar Storage Solutions Are Far Too Expensive

The whole “too expensive” myth is dogged around solar tech. It’s true that solar panels and solar batteries aren’t free, but we wouldn’t expect any high-quality, cost-saving device to be free.

Solar storage batteries are absolutely affordable — especially with financing options, solar loans, rebates and incentives. Alongside the federal solar incentive tax credit, net metering and discounts, one or more solar storage batteries are well within financial reach. (The same goes for an accompanying solar panel installation.) 

Consult with a trusted solar system installers, and its team will work with you to find the ideal panels-plus-battery setup. They’ll also find a payment solution that matches your monthly budget.

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2. Solar Storage Solutions Are Noisy

Frankly, debunking this myth is simple because solar storage batteries are quite quiet. With noise comparable to a refrigerator humming, you hardly notice when storage batteries kick on and smoothly move power from one source to the next. They make the most sound when they periodically charge and discharge — actions key to reliable, safe energy storage. 

What’s more, solar batteries typically sit outdoors or in a utility area, like your garage. So between your distance from the battery and its innately low decibel levels, raucous noise is certainly not an issue.

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3. Any Solar Battery Brand Works

This seems obvious to any savvy solar customer, but brand plays a big role in quality. A low-end solar storage battery may overheat, hold little power and/or look unattractive. And no one wants to wrestle with a clunky, low-efficiency solar battery.

Stick to trustworthy brands with comprehensive coverage. The SunPower SunVault and Tesla Powerwall are both tried-and-true solar storage batteries with 10-year warranties. To boot, they look sleek, integrate with SunPower solar panels and have smart features that make monitoring energy use easy. 

Best of all, you save money without worrying about hiccups and headaches. To bust this solar storage myth, don’t settle for the easiest or cheapest pick. Opt for a highly rated brand that solar customers love (you’ll be grateful you did).

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4. Solar Storage Batteries Don’t Hold Power for Long

This is one of the trickier myths. Why? It depends on multiple factors:

In essence, a lot depends on the brand you invest in and your current situation. For example, if a total outage occurs, one 13-kilowatt-hour SunPower SunVault at full charge can power your home for four hours. And that exact time depends on your average energy consumption, too.

Four hours provide plenty of time to save perishables, power electronics and find out what’s wrong with the grid. And that’s in terms of a complete outage! 

At night and when it’s cloudy, prime solar batteries power your home easily and interruption-free with stored solar energy. Of course, that’s true only if you’ve racked up enough excess power to meet your unique energy needs.

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5. Storage Batteries Are Hazardous

It’s true that not all batteries are safe, particularly if they’re faulty or wired incorrectly. But this solar storage myth evaporates when you have a tested, high-quality battery and enlist certified installers.

Well-made solar storage batteries contain efficient and reliable components. Reputable companies like SunPower manufacture them with safety as their top priority. As a result, their batteries are incredibly resistant to damage, defects and overheating.

Bonus Myth: You might hear that you can’t use solar storage batteries if you live in an especially hot or cold area. That’s hokum. Established brands build them to withstand the elements and to function within a wide temperature range.

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Find Reliable, Affordable Solar Storage Solutions at Freedom Solar

Don’t fall for the myths and misinformation. 

Going solar and using solar storage are smart moves for your life — and for your wallet. You can rest easy knowing you have power all day, all night and when the going gets tough. Just make sure you find the right solar panel installer!

At Freedom Solar, we’d love to ease your mind and help you reach energy independence. Our 25-year lifetime warranty and top-tier maintenance and solar repair services ensure your solar panel system stays sound for decades. 

Call us at (800) 504-2337 or complete our inquiry form for a free consultation. One of our energy consultants will be in touch!

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