Payment Options

At Freedom Solar Power, we understand no two homes are the same. There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to your energy needs and the same applies to your financial needs and wants. Explore the numerous options available at Freedom Solar and energize your future!

Available Payment Options

You have choices when it comes to solar. We present the best options available to you to make solar make sense.

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Paying cash for solar panels offers the best savings, as it eliminates interest, monthly payments, and fees associated with other financing options. It also ensures you receive all available solar incentives and rebates.

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Solar loans vary in terms and requirements and can come with low-interest rates. We will present you many options available and help you decide which option is the best fit for your financial goals.

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Leasing & PPAs

Solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) are long-term deals where a provider installs solar panels on your roof and you lease the energy you produce – drastically reducing your current utility bill.

Financing Programs

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While solar can be seen as an extra expense, the truth is quite the contrary. Solar reduce, and can even virtually eliminate your existing utility bill, which rises year over year. A solar system of your very own is an investment that can be paid off over time and in actuality, pays itself off through the long-term savings.

Financing programs available today have cleared the path for more Americans to pursue solar. Homeowners can start off with $0 down on many of our financing programs. Finding the best interest rate, loan options, incentives, tax credits and rebates is crucial to setting up the best roadmap for you.

Our goal is to find a program that works in tandem with how you like to manage your finances. If you prefer to pay things off aggressively, we can create a plan for that. Do you want the lowest monthly payment possible – can do. We’ll create the best path possible for you, all you have to do is take the first step in your solar journey.

Cash vs Financing

Paying cash for a solar system means a longer break-even period but a lower overall cost. Typically, a cash-purchased system will pay for itself in 5-15 years depending on your payment options. Conversely, financing your system results in a slightly higher long-term cost due to accumulated interest, but it’s more accessible for the majority of homeowners.

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Leasing and PPAs

With a solar lease, you pay a fixed monthly rate to a leasing company that maintains ownership over the solar panels. The energy produced by these panels powers your home. You will see a lower utility bill as the solar will be powering your home’s energy consumption.

PPAs are Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) you can enter with a solar installer for a term ranging from 20 to 25 years. The installer will place solar panels on your roof to cover your home’s electricity needs. If the panels generate more energy than you use, the excess power is sent to the utility grid. The great news is that with a PPA, you can benefit from net metering, potentially eliminating your utility bill.