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DIY Solar: Top 5 Reasons To Leave It to the Pros

Learn the top five reasons to avoid DIY solar projects and why consulting industry professionals is essential for a seamless solar transition.

With the growing popularity of renewable energy, many homeowners are considering do-it-yourself (DIY) solar panels as a means to power their homes. 

While the idea of harnessing the sun’s energy to save money is appealing, you must understand the complexities and potential pitfalls associated with DIY solar panels. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top five reasons to avoid DIY solar projects and why consulting industry professionals is essential for a seamless solar transition.

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1. Technical Complexities 

One of the primary reasons to avoid DIY solar panels is having to navigate technical complexities without expertise.

It should go without saying that installing electrical systems requires comprehensive knowledge. You need to not only understand the actual skill of wiring systems but also have a solid grasp of building codes. Oh, and there’s the matter of roofing, too (say, a roof installation). 

It’s easy to make critical mistakes without proper training and expertise.

These mistakes won’t simply cost you money. They can lead to energy inefficiencies, create safety hazards and even damage your property. Energy consultants, technicians and other solar industry professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to design and install a solar panel system that fits your specific needs.

They use specialized tools and software (that they’re trained to use) to accurately assess your property’s solar potential. These factors help them design a system that meets safety standards, maximizes energy generation for your home and ensures long-term reliability.

Plus, solar professionals deeply understand various solar system-centric factors. Top ones include:

  • Panel positioning
  • Wiring configurations
  • Inverter sizing 

In fact, their expertise enables them to avoid common missteps, such as shading issues, offset placements and incorrect wiring. All of these can affect your solar panel system’s overall performance.

So as most people going solar would confidently state: ‘Why risk doing it wrong?’

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2. Financial Considerations

While DIY solar panels may initially seem cost-effective, they can often end up costing more in the long run. 

Solar companies have access to wholesale pricing for high-quality solar equipment. (For example, solar panel company Freedom Solar is a SunPower solar panel provider.) This sort of partnership ensures you get the most reliable components at the best prices. 

Solar providers also typically have established relationships with suppliers (such as SunPower), which helps them negotiate better deals and pass those savings on to you. 

What’s more, solar energy consultants can help you navigate available incentives, rebates, tax credits (like the federal solar investment tax credit) and other financing options to lower your total purchase cost. This helps you save money when all is said and done and earns you a far better return on your investment. 

Working with professionals when buying and installing your system also helps you avoid purchasing subpar or incompatible equipment. Overall, it’s difficult to navigate what you do and don’t need. 

If you end up with the wrong (or poorly made) equipment, it often leads to reduced system performance. And in turn, you have higher maintenance costs. 

Professionals have the expertise to select the correct components that suit your unique situation. As a result, they ensure your solar system operates efficiently and reliably for years to decades.

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3. System Performance Factors

Designing an efficient solar system is complex. It requires meticulous consideration of precise factors to optimize your system’s performance: 

  • Panel orientation
  • Shading analysis
  • Inverter sizing

All these factors use advanced software to model and simulate multiple scenarios when it comes to most effectively harnessing the sun’s energy. Essentially, you want your panels positioned in a way that lets them capture the most sunlight throughout the day. This process isn’t easy (and potentially impossible) to do on your own.

Here’s the bottom line: DIY solar projects lack the precision and know-how necessary to get optimal results. 

So without proper knowledge, you may end up with a system that underperforms, producing less energy than you expect. The same goes for energy storage. Professionals can give you insights into various backup power solutions (such as the Tesla Powerwall), smart monitoring systems and energy management strategies. 

Ultimately, these solutions, systems and strategies further enhance your solar installation’s performance and efficiency. But perhaps most importantly, they increase the satisfaction you get from gaining energy independence by producing energy with your own solar panel system. 

Note: If something were to go wrong with your system — specifically if you installed it yourself — you wouldn’t be able to benefit from a warranty policy. With Freedom Solar, you get a 25-year warranty on your entire system including performance, product and workmanship. All in all, we have your back if something goes wrong.

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4. Safety Concerns

Working with electricity and climbing on roofs (or installing on other areas of your home for ground- or wall-mounted panels) present inherent safety risks. 

Whatever the case, solar installations typically involve working at heights, handling heavy equipment and wiring electrical connections. Trained solar industry professionals adhere to strict safety protocols and have the equipment necessary to mitigate risks. They’re also well-versed in industry-standard safety practices and know precisely how to handle hazards that the installation process poses. 

Thanks to the liability insurance that professionals carry, you can enjoy peace of mind during the installation process on your property. This insurance legally protects you from unforeseen accidents or damage. What’s more, professional technicians understand the importance of proper grounding and electrical connections, which reduces the risk of electrical faults or fires.

Hiring established, professionals solar power installers (such as Freedom Solar) isn’t merely a smart decision. It’s the best decision to ensure safety for yourself, your property and anyone involved in the installation.

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5. Regulatory Compliance Matters

This is the trickiest bit of the bunch. Installing a solar system involves navigating a complex web of permits, inspections and utility interconnection agreements. 

Local authorities have rigorous regulations and requirements that installers must meet to ensure your solar installation is safe and legal. With that said, DIY solar projects come up short when it’s time to navigate these regulations thoroughly and effectively. You can wind up with hefty fines, suffer lengthy delays or even have to remove and reinstall your system.

Remember: Solar professionals are adept with local building codes and permitting processes. And they understand the paperwork, documentation and timelines required to obtain permits and pass inspections. 

By hiring professionals, you ensure your solar project complies with all relevant regulations. And of course, you thus avoid costly setbacks and guarantee a smooth transition to renewable energy.

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Avoid DIY Solar and Contact Freedom Solar Power

The idea of embarking on a DIY solar project might sound enticing at first. But you must consider all the challenges and risks involved. 

DIY solar installations lack crucial elements, but professional solar installations provide: 

  • Technical prowess
  • Safety
  • Financial benefits
  • Compliance measures
  • High energy outputs
  • Long-term benefits

Working with experienced solar professionals gives you access to their knowledge, skills and industry connections. So, why not take advantage of that? If you want a system that matches your distinct needs, those professional creds are especially applicable. 

For a hassle-free solar transition, contact Freedom Solar. We’ll ensure you gain a long-term investment that not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to a sustainable future

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