Power Through the Storm

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Never lose power again

Generator and battery systems keep the power on for safety in the event of an emergency.

Backup power systems also prevent loss of productivity, waste of perishable goods, and eliminate costly repairs like frozen pipes and flooded rooms resulting from outages.

Learn more below about our Tesla battery backup system, Sonnen solar backup system, and Kohler generator solution. Contact Freedom Solar today to begin your free consultation!

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The Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is a battery solution that is ideal for those looking to save money by switching to solar energy during times when utility rates are high. This home battery works by intelligently storing energy during times when energy rates are lower, and using this less expensive stored energy when energy prices start to rise.

This stored energy can also be used in an emergency situation as a backup electricity supply. Tesla’s Powerwall offers 6.4kWh of energy storage capacity, enough to power an average home for an evening during a power outage.

Is the Tesla Powerwall Right for You?

People who live in areas that have large energy price fluctuations during the day and night can benefit most from this energy system.


The sonnenBatterie

Similar to the Tesla Powerwall, the sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system that powers your home using self-producing, clean energy when possible, while also utilizing power from the grid when necessary. It stores any extra solar energy produced during the day for use later, so you can reduce your home’s energy costs.

It also can serve as a solar backup power source by using stored energy during an outage, and even takes future weather forecasts into account, making sure you’re home is ready when storms are on their way. It offers 2kWh-16kWh of energy storage depending on your home’s energy needs.

Is the sonnenBatterie Right for You?

The sonnenBatterie is ideal for those who want to reduce energy costs to a minimum by using a solar-powered intelligent home energy system.

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Kohler Generator

The Kohler Generator is a true backup home energy system, and is only used during a power outage. Unlike the sonnenBatterie and Tesla Powerwall, it’s fueled using natural gas or propane, rather than solar energy. No refueling is needed as it runs on your home’s natural or LP gas, and it automatically powers everything in just 10 seconds after your house goes off the grid. Its main purpose is to power your home in case of an outage, and can power everything to lights and appliances to sensitive electronics.

Kohler generators come in a variety of sizes, from an energy storage of 6 kW to 150kW depending on the size of your home.

Is the Kohler Generator Right for You?

The Kohler Generator is for those looking for an economical backup energy solution. While it doesn’t offer continuous solar energy production and intelligent energy usage, it is the most cost-effective way to power your home during an energy outage.

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