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Never Lose Power Again

Backup battery systems keep the power on for safety during outages, preventing productivity losses, avoiding perishable food waste, and eliminating costly repairs like frozen pipes and flooded rooms. Backup power systems can also make it possible to use the solar energy you produce outside of daylight hours to power your home or electric car.

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Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Battery

The Tesla Powerwall is a home battery that works by intelligently storing energy during times when energy rates are lower, and using this less expensive stored energy when energy prices start to rise.

This solar panel battery solution is ideal for those looking to save money by switching to solar energy during times when home utility rates are high.

The stored energy can also be used in an emergency situation as a home battery backup for electricity supply. Tesla’s battery backup system offers 13.5 kWh of energy storage capacity, enough to power an average home’s lights, refrigerator, and small appliances for (but not A/C) for one day during a power outage.

Is the Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery right for you?

People who live in areas that have large energy price fluctuations during the day and night can benefit most from this energy system.

SunVault by SunPower

SunPower SunVault

SunPower® SunVault® Storage is a solar battery solution that provides seamless backup power when you need it most. Power essential appliances like lights, refrigerators, and stoves during a rolling blackout or lightning storm.

Freedom, safety, and control – achieve them all through SunPower’s SunVault Storage system. Power outages are part of our world, and utilities charge more when they know you need it most. Make your own clean energy and store it for peak times and outages.

You can set your own power preferences, monitor system operation and utility savings, and ensure seamless transfers from grid power to battery power and back with the intuitive software that comes with SunVault™ Storage. Control your own energy with solar + storage.

Is the SunPower® SunVault® right for you?

Where does Freedom Solar Install Backup Power Solutions?

At Freedom Solar, our goal is to help every homeowner achieve energy independence as quickly as possible as the risk of power outages increases due to extreme weather events, an aging electric grid, and a growing population. We install solar batteries across the states of Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina including:

  • Houston
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Norfolk-Virginia Beach
  • Raleigh-Durham
  • Charlotte

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