Going Solar

The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Energy in Colorado

September 25, 2023

Colorado’s certainly famous for many things, like its towering mountains, crystal-clear alpine lakes and outdoor enthusiasts looking to take on the terrain. But don’t forget about its abundant sunshine and commitment to clean energy!

All of these factors (and then some) make the Centennial State an ideal place for homeowners to start harnessing the sun’s power. It’s not

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Can I Refinance My House With Solar Panels?

September 18, 2023

Are you wondering, “Can I refinance my house with solar panels?” The short answer is yes, you can. 

A lender will most likely consider your solar system an upgrade to your home, depending on your system’s size and age. As a result, your home value increases, and you’re probably eligible for better refinancing terms.

You can then

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What Is a Photovoltaic Cell?

August 7, 2023
The heart of all solar power systems lies one crucial component — the photovoltaic (PV) cell. Learn how they work and why they're significant.
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Solar Panel Weight Guide

July 27, 2023
Learn the average weight stats for both home and business solar panels, as well as some FAQs about solar panels’ weight. 
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Solar Panel Size Guide

June 15, 2023
When it comes to solar panel size, learn about the basics (including average sizes) and what to consider for your own home or business.
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