Tesla Powerwall

What Is The Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is primarily intended for home storage and is often paired with residential solar panels. It is designed for EV charging, self-consumption, shifting power usage, and short-term backup power. Each Tesla Powerwall 2 offers 13.5kWh of usable energy storage capacity and can be stacked in a chain.

How does the Tesla Powerwall work?

The Powerwall solar battery intelligently stores energy during times when energy rates are lower and uses the stored energy when electricity prices are higher. The self-contained, waterproof unit is always on, operates quietly, and can be mounted on the floor or wall individually or as part of a stack of multiple batteries.

The Tesla Powerwall is usually paired with a home solar panel system. A house equipped with solar panels usually produces more electricity during the day than it consumes at the time of generation. This extra solar power can be stored in the Powerwall battery instead of being sent back to the electric grid. At night or when the solar panels are not producing enough electricity to meet the home’s demand, the homeowner can pull energy from the Tesla Powerwall instead of having to buy it from the utility.


What are the benefits of the Tesla battery?

The benefits of the Tesla Powerwall are that it is a high quality and attractive home battery with smart software and a user-friendly smartphone app at a relatively affordable price. The Tesla solar battery is one of the most popular options for home backup power and EV charging.

The Tesla Powerwall can automatically detect a power outage, disconnect from the grid, and then restore power to your home in less than a second, quickly enough that you may not even be aware that there was an outage. A single Powerwall has enough energy storage capacity to power an average home for an evening during a power outage.

If you have solar panels and a Tesla battery, your solar energy system will continue to power your home and recharge the battery during an outage. Without the solar battery, your solar energy system will not be functional until power is restored to the electric grid.

How much does the Tesla Powerwall cost?

On average in 2022, the Tesla solar battery cost around $19,000 installed after factoring in equipment (Powerwall, Gateway, and related hardware) and labor costs. There may be additional installation and financing costs depending on your situation. The battery is only available installed by a certified dealer. The entire system including installation is eligible for the 26% federal tax credit and may also be eligible for local rebates.

What is the Powerwall warranty?

Tesla offers the Powerwall 2 with a 10-year warranty on parts and performance (70% energy retention) after the initial installation. Click here to learn more about the Tesla Powerwall warranty.

Who can install my Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall 2 solar battery is only available for purchase through an installer who is certified by Tesla. As a Tesla Certified Installer in Texas, Colorado, and Florida, Freedom Solar offers Tesla Powerwall installation with or without home solar panels.


Where Does Freedom Solar Install Tesla Powerwalls?

We install batteries for backup power across Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina including:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Fort Worth
  • San Antonio
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Colorado Springs
  • Pueblo
  • Tampa
  • Chesapeake
  • Norfolk
  • Virginia Beach
  • Raleigh
  • Durham

We ordered our Tesla battery to augment our already installed solar array. We called right after the big winter storm in February 2021. Understandably, there was a six month wait. But the team made it as easy as possible. They handled literally all the paperwork. I filled everything out once. Then as each part of the process, such as permitting, came up they sent the already filled paperwork to the responsible party. It was almost like having a full concierge service. As for solar and a battery. We have 20 panels and a single Tesla power wall. We have an older pool pump and a 2400 square foot home. Two adults working from home. The pump on the pool runs 8 hours a day. With the battery we are 50% to 70% self powered monthly. It is a balance with winter months not being so sunny and also not needing to run the AC. The benefit I didn’t really understand until seeing it was that the battery could hold us over almost all night. It was cheaper to use our own power from the battery then it is to send power back to the grid. IE. You send power back at x rate and get a credit. But use power later in the day at y rate. Y rate always ended up more costly then x rate. So better to just keep our power and use it our self. The real benefit is that we literally could power our house with no pool for a few days if it got bad with some solar production. The battery can also be notified of a storm and hold on to a 100% charge plus get power from the grid to get there. It won’t save you a TON of money. But it gives us a ton of peace of mind. Plus feels good to not rely so heavily on the Texas grid.Azucena K. Austin, Texas

I’ve only had my battery for a week and it’s already backed up the house 4 times; three 15 minute power outages; and this past Tuesday morning I was noticed I was on the battery for just over 6 hours; turns out the grid was having multiple power surges (as high as 257.5v) and the Tesla system detected these surges and went into its “back-up mode,” separating from the grid and going to battery power…the Tesla battery is expensive but IS worth the cost. So far I have no regrets, and don’t expect any.Dale M.DFW, TX

I’ve only had my battery for a week and it’s already backed up the house 4 times; three 15 minute power outages; and this past Tuesday morning I was noticed I was on the battery for just over 6 hours; turns out the grid was having multiple power surges (as high as 257.5v) and the Tesla system detected these surges and went into its “back-up mode,” separating from the grid and going to battery power…the Tesla battery is expensive but IS worth the cost. So far I have no regrets, and don’t expect any.Dale M.DFW, TX

Installed Solar and Tesla Powerwall 2 in January 2021. Then the storm of all storms hit in mid-February with 9 days of below freezing temps. The setup never missed a beat and exceeded my expectations. We never lost power throughout the entire storm and the Powerwall was the primary reason for that success. Everything that was discussed in the installation review and how it would perform was spot on!!!!Steve S.Austin, TX

At first I was very hesitant to even consider the product, however after much review, research and the teams answering my questions I decided to go ahead and install the Solar System with Battery backup power. I am convinced that I have made an excellent investment, and that the team installing my equipment did it with absolute professionalism. Here is a extra star * for ensuring great (Customer Success). Thank you!Daniel S.Tampa, FL

“Highly recommend Freedom Solar if you’re considering solar panels and/or Tesla Powerwalls. They were AWESOME to work with, from the first phone call to…well, I’d say the last communication, but our solar consultant, Walter Anoruo, has been great at texting to keep in touch and checking in on our production, so there hasn’t been a last! We had 22 solar panels and 2 Tesla Powerwall 2s installed. Started the process in August and everything was closed out in late October. Some other takeaways: 1. Responsive and customer-oriented: – As soon as I called for the first time to get a quote, they picked up (which, apparently, some of their other competitors have difficulty doing…i.e., Texas Solar Outfitters) and were extremely helpful off the bat. After asking some general questions about what we were looking for, they scheduled a solar consultant meeting just a few days later. – Throughout the process, the Freedom team did a fantastic job at keeping in touch and being available for any questions. I could email, text, call, whatever, anyone on the team any time of the day and folks would be so responsive. 2. High quality product and install: – We were really drawn to the fact that Freedom is a one-stop-shop for the SunPower panels (which, after a fair amount of research, we do believe to be the best out there). – We’re only a couple months into the installation, but so far so good. Everything is working exactly as described. 3. Streamlined/easy process: – Freedom took care of all the permitting, etc., and so we found the installation process to be extremely streamlined. – They also have a relationship with Green Sky bank to offer 0% financing (which we are utilizing). They’ll even submit the application for you, so again, everything was just so easy.”Josephine V.Houston, TX

“Peace of Mind Great working with Zach Stirling and all the crew at Freedom Solar. The process was transparent and went as promised. The system delivers exactly as advertised and I couldn’t be happier. It’s wonderful to be contributing to the environment while maintaining peace of mind with Tesla Powerwall backup when the grid goes down.”David H.Georgetown, TX

They installed my Tesla powerwall 2s just how I wanted them to be and everything was within spec so that I wouldn’t have any warranty issues due to how I had them mounted. Great service and very professional. They answered all my questions before, during, and after the install.Irving F.Houston, TX

“Excellent service I had a great experience and quality service with Freedom Solar. Team members are customer friendly and very easy to communicate. I highly recommend this company to install solar and backup powerwall systems.”AlAustin, TX

Our experience with Freedom Solar has been nothing short of exceptional from beginning to end. Prior to meeting with our sales rep Devin, we had met with 7 other solar company reps and were not happy with any of them or the company they represented. Devin was the first to really understand our needs. He did not try to up-sell us. He was honest and extremely knowledgeable, as well as patient with us throughout the entire process. To complete our needs, we also purchased 2 Tesla Powerwall batteries. We visited the home office in Austin and everyone there was super friendly and happy to accommodate us. When the install team came out, they all worked together as a team and took time to explain what they were doing. After install, it was super easy to call Customer Service with questions and actually get answers! The one thing unique about Freedom Solar is that none of the work is subcontracted out, and all parts and labor are warranted by Freedom Solar so that in case of a problem, they will handle it for you. It is the only home solar warranty to cover your whole system, not just the panels. We feel confident in referring our friends to Freedom Solar. We certainly did our due-diligence in solar company research and found Freedom Solar to be the most honest with the best price, best equipment, and best service. From sales to field operations, from back office to customer care, Freedom Solar definitely lives up to their core valuesMary M.Austin, TX

“Extremely rewarding installation experience We have had a thoroughly pleasant relationship with Freedom Solar Power. They completed the installation, managed the interface with our power company, and always presented a well-informed and professional experience. Since the instillation, activation, and commissioning of our system with twin Tesla Powerwalls, we have been off-grid for the entire month. We will recommend them to anyone who asks.”John B.Marble Falls, TX

In addition to Jason Hanley who was the key for us moving forward, I would also like to give a special recognition to Cain Badman who did an incredible job installing the gateway and batteries. We’ve been running the system for a week and are very satisfied. The combination of SunPower panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries is great. In addition to generating power, the system has already kept the house running during a utility outage without even a blinkOscar S.Houston, TX

The system was installed when they said it would and the Tesla Power Wall we purchased was here months early. The installation crew were terrific. They finished long before I thought they would. They were polite and efficient. Simply a wonderful and seamless experience. The operation of the system was fully explained and I now go out on a daily basis to look at my meter. Doing so makes me feel great about our small contribution to the environment. I cannot recommend Freedom Solar more highly.Ned M.Houston, TX

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