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Our Guarantee

Freedom Solar Power® is proud of the quality of our products and installation services. We are known for selecting the right equipment for your unique situation and installing it the right way.

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25-Year Workmanship

Our quality promise to you starts with our 25-Year Workmanship Warranty. Freedom Solar® can guarantee the quality of our work because we do not subcontract your installation. Our in-house staff of NABCEP-certified installers, licensed electricians, and solar repair service department enable us to offer the most trustworthy workmanship warranty in the industry.

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25-Year Product & Performance

The solar panels we offer are protected by a 25-Year Lifetime Warranty. Built to last with rugged durability and rare failure rates, they also hold the highest efficiency in the industry with solar panel minimum peak power guaranteed between 80-92% of original peak power in year 25.

Freedom Solar Workmanship Warranty

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Our 25-year Workmanship Warranty covers the installation and electrical work, including a 10-year roof penetration warranty. We will perform a professional installation with the care and attention to detail that our reputation is built on.

Our warranty ensures that your system will be installed without material defects and will perform as intended. In the unlikely event of mistakes or errors in our workmanship that may show up later down the road, we will make it right by fixing them at no cost to you.

Solar and Battery Warranties

Our manufacturing partners hold the warranties for the high-quality products we sell and are the best resource for details on which equipment, labor, and performance is covered.

Solar PV

The 25-year solar panel warranty includes both equipment and production, but not necessarily inverters, monitoring, and other equipment.

  • The warranty for the integrated SunPower Equinox system covers your whole system (not just the panels) through one company. The panels and inverters are covered for 25 years, including performance, labor, and parts, while the monitoring equipment is guaranteed for 10 years. Learn more | Download warranty
  • Mission Solar offers a 25-year warranty on your panels including a guarantee of 80% of initial power performance rating in year 25. Learn more | Download warranty
  • The REC ProTrust Warranty covers product, performance, and labor for 25 years. Performance is guaranteed at a minimum of 92% of nameplate power in year 25. Learn more 


Inverters typically have a 25-year lifetime warranty on the inverters and a 5-10 year warranty on the controllers.

  • The SunPower microinverter warranty is covered under the Equinox system warranty. Unlike other companies, SunPower also guarantees the AC production of your system.
  • Enphase offers a 25-year warranty on its inverters and a 5-10 year warranty on the supporting electronic equipment, such as the controller. Learn more


Most solar batteries have a 10-year warranty. Tesla offers a 10-year warranty covering equipment, labor, and production on the Powerwall. Learn more

EV Chargers

The ChargePoint home charging station comes with a 3-year parts warranty. Learn more