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Episode 27 | December 11, 2018 | Moses West, Paladin Water Technology

Eliminating drought and saving lives. Moses West explains the origins and applications of his innovative atmospheric water generator, which is energy efficient and can be solar powered. Learn more...

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Week 26 Austin Chamber thumb.jpg

Episode 26

Ensuring a Healthy and Sustainable Economic Future for Central Texas with Leigh Christie of Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce | Learn More...

Week 25 WattTime thumb.jpg

Episode 25

How a Non-Profit Is Using Technology to Increase Energy Choice and Reduce Emissions with Katie Ryan of WattTime | Learn More...

Week 24 Nudge Design thumb.jpg

Episode 24

Landscape Architecture and Wellness, Net Zero Water Usage, and Keeping It Local with Brian Ott of Nudge Design | Learn More...

Week 23 SolarSno thumb.jpg

Episode 23

Create Austin's First Off Grid Solar-Powered Shaved Ice Food Trailer with Thomas Myers of SolarSno | Learn More...

Week 22 Barkitecture thumb.jpg

Episode 22

Doghouse Architecture and Green Design with Daniel Campos of Barkitecture Austin | Learn More...

Week 21 Paul Hobby thumb.jpg

Episode 21

Texas Energy Markets. Wind and Solar Power Innovation, and Natural Gas Prices with Paul Hobby - Part Two | Learn More...

Week 20 Paul Hobby thumb.jpg

Episode 20

A Houston Perspective on Energy with Paul Hobby of Genesis Park LP - Part One | Learn More...

Week 19 ACDDC thumb.jpg

Episode 19

Community Engagement and Partner Collaboration to Create Sustainable Environments with Nicole Joslin and Marla Torrado of ACDDC | Learn More...

Week 17 TTF thumb.jpg

Episode 18

The Future of the Butler Trail on Lady Bird Lake with Beth Carroll of The Trail Foundation | Learn More...

Will Hardeman Continental Auto Group

Episode 17

Sustainability, Community, and the Future of Cars with Will Hardeman of Continental Auto Group | Learn More...

Week 16 QA thumb (2).jpg

Episode 16

Home Solar Panels Q&A with Homeowner Aaron Heth and Solar Expert Kyle Frazier. Cost, Batteries, Hail, HOAs, Insurance, and More! | Learn More...

Week 15 Brown thumb.jpg

Episode 15

Hunter Brown on Distributing Beer More Sustainably for the Environment and the Bottom Line | Learn More...

Week 14 Curb thumb.jpg

Episode 14

Erik Norwood and Zack Embry on Making Your House a Smart Home with CURB Energy Monitoring | Learn More...

Week 13 Texas Green Realty thumb.png

Episode 13

Marc Richmond on Maximizing the Resale Value of Homes with Solar Panels and Remaining Industry Barriers to Accurate Appraisals | Learn More...

Week 13 Rehme Steel Windows and Doors.jpg

Episode 12

Peter Rehme on Building a Net Zero Business by Handcrafting 100% Made-in-America, 100% Solar-Powered Steel Windows & Doors. | Learn More...

Week 11 Rance Clouse thumb.jpg

Episode 11

Rance Clouse on FOURTH& in East Austin and on Raising the Bar for Green Building | Learn More...

Week 10 Natural Gardener 2 thumb.jpg

Episode 10

John Dromgoole Returns! What’s In Season, Sustainability Stump 'Em, and The Natural Gardener's Solar Cashier | Learn More...

Week 9 Reagan Redfern thumb.jpg

Episode 9

Reagan Redfern on Efficiency, Creativity, and his Office Building's Green Retrofit | Learn More...

Week 8 Natural Gardener thumb.jpg

Episode 8

John Dromgoole, The Natural Gardener, on His Roots and the Spirituality of Sustainability | Learn More...

Week 7 ABC thumb.jpg

Episode 7

Bobby Jenkins on Sustainability and Family at ABC Home & Commercial Services | Learn More...

Week 6 TSPA thumb.jpg

Episode 6

Charlie Hemmeline on the Current State of Solar Power in Texas | Learn More...

Week 5 MLF CFV thumb.jpg

Episode 5

Alan Graham on Sustainability and Solving Homelessness and Poverty at Community First! Village | Learn More...

Karen Magid HT.jpg

Episode 4

Dr. Karen Magid on Sustainability, Environmental Justice, and the Power of Student Engagement at Huston-Tillotson University | Learn More...

Week 3 Marfa thumb.jpg

Episode 3

Artist Haroon Mirza, Laura Copelin and Peyton Gardner of Ballroom Marfa, and Alex Seyer of Freedom Solar on stone circle in Marfa | Learn More...

Week 2 FSP thumb.jpg

Episode 2

Adrian Buck and Bret Biggart on Starting a Solar Business Together | Learn More...

Week 1 SFC thumb.jpg

Episode 1

Ronda Rutledge on Improving Food Sustainability in Central Texas | Learn More...

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