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Can You Add SunPower® Solar Panels to a System From a Different Brand?

If you use a different panel brand, can you add SunPower panels to your existing system? Learn more about this here!

Let’s say you already have solar panels but want to add more. People expand their solar arrays for tons of reasons, from wanting a better panel brand to simply using (and thus needing) more energy. 

We know SunPower® offers the highest-rated panels on the market. If you’re reading this, you likely do, too. They’re the clear choice for your solar upgrade and expansion. 

Which begs the question: If you use a different panel brand, can you add SunPower panels to your existing system?

Let’s check out the answer and a few more matters you might mull over.

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Mixing Solar Panel Brands: Is it Possible?

Here’s the short answer: Yes. You (well, a solar installer) can add SunPower panels to a different brand’s system

However, it’s ideal to use all-SunPower panels — and not because SunPower says so! In fact, the company manufactures panels for peak performance and flexibility, regardless of your original panel brand. 

Still, the fact remains that using SunPower panels alone is smart. 

For example, say you have very low-efficiency panels or panels nearing the end of their lifetime. SunPower panels increase your power generation with their high efficiency. But because panels work together, the older panels drag down the SunPower ones. 

Your solar power generation will be better, but you won’t get nearly the most out of what SunPower panels can produce!

In such a case, it’s wise to overhaul the system so that it’s consistent — and saves you the most money in the long run. With financing, rebates and incentives, a fully SunPower system is an attainable option that you can rely on for decades. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing one panel at a time or constantly maintaining less-efficient panels. Regardless, you can gradually buy and add individual SunPower panels to your current setup if that best meets your budget.

What’s more, try thinking about your solar panel array like you’d think about your vehicle. 

To get the best performance, you want parts and labor from your specific auto manufacturer. You technically can mix parts from various manufacturers, but you won’t get the expert technologies unique to your make and model.

Note: You have the option of running two systems — an original-panel system and an all-SunPower system. You’d draw power from each in parallel. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s better than missing the benefits that SunPower panels offer!

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A Few Specs To Consider

Additionally, the technical specs of your starter panels and SunPower panels play significant roles. Professional solar installers should know answers to these types of questions:

  • Is your inverter equipped to handle the added power generation?
    • SunPower panels have individual microinverters, so they can use power very flexibly, both individually and as a system.
  • Is your wiring still safe and optimal?
  • Is your mounting equipment adequate and structurally sound?
  • Do your old panels have a similar or equal power output?
  • How many SunPower panels do you need to reach your energy goals?
  • If you have solar storage batteries (such as the SunPower SunVault or Tesla Powerwall), can they handle the energy SunPower panels generate?
  • Are you concerned about the array looking like a mishmash of styles?

Reaching out to your original installer is an option, but they may be out of commission or may not offer SunPower panels. In that case, contact a SunPower Master Dealer like Freedom Solar Power. Its team will offer expert advice specific to your home, power needs and existing panel setup.

Note: For your safety, please don’t try DIY solar installation — solar panels, solar batteries or otherwise. Doing so can lead to hazards that a solar installation company easily prevents. At the very least, you may permanently damage your roof.

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Why Choose SunPower Solar Panels?

If you want SunPower panels to boost your solar array, you undoubtedly know about their impressive stats.

SunPower offers the most reliable and cost-saving solar panels on the market. With 22% efficiency, each panel works seamlessly to power your property. SunPower panels also use cutting-edge solar panel technology, like monocrystalline silicon, to absorb maximum energy.

Furthermore, SunPower has recently developed a new type of solar module that combines thin film with silicon. It’s yet another high-quality panel option at your disposal.

In addition to its A+ Better Business Bureau rating and nearly 40 years in the solar industry, the company is further committed to sustainability and genuinely passionate about perfecting solar technologies. 

Freedom Solar Power is a proud provider of SunPower solar panels. When you purchase through us, you get a 25-year warranty on product, performance and workmanship. 

If you needed even more evidence, SunPower’s dedication to safety and customer satisfaction is second to none. On the aesthetic side, its panels are unfailingly sleek and stylish on homes and businesses alike. 

We could go on! 

SunPower solar panels aren’t simply the best around — they’re the best choice for your home and wallet. Alongside a professional solar panel company, you can rest easy with SunPower on your path to energy independence.

Quality, performance and coverage make an impressive combo, and SunPower delivers it.

Note: Controlling, monitoring and optimizing your panels are simple actions with the mySunPower app. Meanwhile, the SunPower SunVault solar storage battery ensures you grasp all that rich solar energy.

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Find Expert SunPower Installation With Freedom Solar Power

When you’d like to seize what SunPower panels offer, we’re ready to make it happen at Freedom Solar Power

With expertise in residential and commercial solar panel systems, we’re thrilled to help you enjoy solar — or perfectly complement your current setup. As a SunPower Master Dealer, we’ll ensure your SunPower panels exhibit peak performance for decades.

We offer advice and support throughout installation, while our 25-year warranty ensures your system stays protected. And with our flexible financing options, your solar goals have never been easier to reach.

When you’re ready to amplify solar’s benefits — or to kick-start the process — get in touch! 

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