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Solar Panel Weight Guide

How much do solar panels weigh? 

The question has likely crossed your mind if you’re curious about going solar. Or maybe you already have an installation and wonder about solar panel weight on roof infrastructure. Or maybe you just want to know about this part of such a great investment.

The answer — well, multiple answers — comes with a bevy of caveats. It’s one of those matters with broad numbers, like averages, as well as a bucketload of specs from individual manufacturers.

Let’s meet in the middle! We’ll cover the average solar panel weight stats for home and business solar panels, then answer some frequently asked questions about solar panels’ weight. 

Tip: When you have questions specific to your property, contact a solar panel installation company. Energy consultants check your peak sun hours, roof orientation and much more to determine your installation’s precise scope. In other words, you don’t have to wade through the data yourself.

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The Basics: How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh?

First, let’s talk about the structure of solar panels. Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells (6-inch by 6-inch squares) are solar panels’ crucial building blocks

A residential solar panel usually has 60 or 72 PV cells, while a commercial panel generally has 72 or 96. That number is important because it plays into solar panels’ weight — unsurprisingly, the more solar PV cells, the greater the weight. 

But the weight of a solar panel doesn’t only depend on its use: residential or commercial. Other factors play major roles, like a panel’s brand, size and material. Even then, these factors can balance one another out. 

For example, monocrystalline silicon solar panels are often bigger area-wise but still weigh less because their components are lightweight.

Taking those matters into consideration, we’ll cut to the chase. Here are the average solar panel weight numbers:

  • Residential 60-cell panel = 40 pounds
  • Residential or commercial 72-cell panel = 50 pounds
  • Commercial 96-cell panel = 40-55 pounds

Again, the exact weight of solar panels varies, especially if you opt for highly efficient brands like SunPower. Its panels are powerful yet light, particularly when you compare them to other brands’ efficiencies and weights.

For example, residential and commercial M-Series SunPower solar panels weigh an average of 48 pounds. Meanwhile, other SunPower series’ panels weigh a mere 33 pounds.

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Average Solar Panel Weight Table

Let’s summarize with a table — it’s always nice to have the details in one place. 

We’ve listed more measurements, like dimensions, for quick reference. (You’ll find the average solar panel weight second from the bottom.) 

Average MeasurementsResidentialResidential or CommercialCommercial
Width (in.)393940-41.5
Length (in.)657863-72
Depth (in.)1.5-21.5-21.5-2
Solar cells (No.)607296
Solar cell size (in.)6 x 66 x 66 x 6
Area (sq. ft)17.6221.1317.5-26.0
Weight (lbs.)405040-55
Energy produced (W, range)270-440270-440315-550+

Note: This data is according to Freedom Solar, SunPower, EnergySage and Forbes. Dimensions and weights vary per panel manufacturer. Compared to 60- and 72-cell panels, 96-cell panels tend to have a broader weight range.

So there you have it! The average solar panel weight ranges from 40 to 55 pounds, with 40 pounds as the most common. 

Like all products’ specifications, you’ll spot exceptions. Some tiny portable panels weigh only 5 pounds, and heavy-frame panels can clock in at 62 pounds. However, these outliers don’t appear on homes and businesses — they’re for unique uses, like camping or industrial power.

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Solar Panel Weight FAQ

That’s right — we see you out there with additional questions. If the average home and business solar panel weight data doesn’t answer them, we hope this info does!

Tip: Our solar power FAQ covers even more queries, if you’d like more resources.

How Much Does a Solar Panel Weigh?

A solar panel weighs 40 pounds on average, with some home and business panels reaching up to 50 pounds.

How Much Do Residential Solar Panels Weigh?

On average, residential solar panels weigh 40 pounds

Top-rated M-Series SunPower residential solar panels weigh about 48 pounds. However, because of their 22% efficiency, properties sometimes require fewer panels. 

Still, this depends on your home’s size and your overall energy needs. In turn, having fewer panels means having a lower total solar panel weight on roof tiles.

How Much Do RV Solar Panels Weigh?

RV-compatible SunPower flexible solar panels weigh around 5 pounds. Other brands differ widely in weight, from about 4 to 26 pounds.

How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh in Kg?

For the metric-minded among us, the weight of a solar panel in kilograms is a must. Here are the average solar panel weight conversions (rounded up):

  • Residential 60-cell panel = 18 kilograms
  • Residential or commercial 72-cell panel = 23 kilograms
  • Commercial 96-cell panel = 18-25 kilograms

What Is the Solar Panel Weight per Square Foot?

Residential solar panels weigh about 2.3 pounds per square foot. Meanwhile, commercial solar panels weigh roughly 2.5 pounds per square foot

Mounting equipment adds an average of 4.5 pounds per square foot to the total weight of a solar panel installation. Most roofs easily accommodate solar panel installations, but ground-mounted and wall-mounted systems are excellent alternatives if necessary.

What Is the Average Solar Panel Weight on Roof Structures?

This number depends heavily on multiple factors:

Consumer Affairs offers an example with 16 panels spanning 288 square feet. In that instance, the total solar panel weight on roof infrastructure would be 1,296 pounds.

Note: Professional solar installers examine and calculate all these factors to make sure your roof is suitable for solar. These aren’t matters you have to handle solo, especially for such a beneficial investment!

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Find Exact Numbers for Your Solar Installation With Freedom Solar

How much do solar panels weigh? Now that you know, you can rest easy — you don’t have to break out the scales, rulers and calculators.

At Freedom Solar Power, our expert team members are ready to roll up their sleeves and work with you. We consult with you closely to design and install your ideal residential or commercial solar panel system. As a SunPower Master Dealer, we provide only the most efficient and reliable solar panels and backup power solutions

Your energy independence goals are ripe for picking with our flexible financing options and discounts. Plus, we give you plenty of info about your available rebates, incentives and tax credits!. 

When you’re ready to start saving with solar, get in touch. Call us at (800) 504-2337 or fill out our inquiry form for a free consultation and quote. One of our energy consultants will contact you quickly! 

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