Celebrating 15 Years of Leading the Solar Revolution

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Celebrating 15 Years of Leading the Solar Revolution

From our humble beginnings in our founder’s garage 15 years ago, we’ve planted our flag from the heart of Austin, Texas westward to Colorado and to the eastern shore from Florida to Virginia and North Carolina. Along the way, nearly 900 employees have joined our family to deliver solar solutions that exceed your expectations.

Of course, the real heroes in this story are our 15,000 customers who have led the revolution alongside us by putting solar (and increasingly backup power) on their homes and businesses. Read on to learn more about the folks on our team who show up every day to go above and beyond for you, and how you can join in the celebration this month with special rewards from us to say THANKS to you!

“We have been serving and growing the solar community in Texas and beyond since 2007. As we like to say… leading the solar revolution!”

Adrian Buck, founder and chief installation officer

Freedom Solar CEO, Bret Biggart, knew there was an unmet consumer need for solar in his hometown of Austin, Texas over a decade ago. He found Adrian Buck and a partnership, dedicated to quality craftsmanship and putting people first, was born. For 15 years, we have cultivated a reputation for leadership, integrity, and education in the solar energy sector. Our customer’s adoption of solar over 15 years has made a substantial impact on the environment and is being rewarded on a national level. In August 2022, the historical Inflation Reduction Act passed, increasing The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to 30% and extending it for 10 years. The federal government’s recognition of the benefits of alternative energy further proves how America’s hearts and minds are changing in favor of protecting the environment.

15 years of outsized impact

Freedom Solar's 15-Year Impact Summary Flowchart

Freedom Solar customers are changing their own lives and the planet, and we’re just getting started. The amount of solar we’ve installed since 2007 will help customers save $745,850,000 on utility costs over the lifetime of their solar. The environmental impact of these installs is helping avoid over 1.7 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) by powering homes with renewable energy instead of traditional electricity from fossil fuels. This is like taking 167,055 cars off the road, or planting 12,819,781 trees! Every family and business that decides to go solar is taking control of their own power and energy costs while safeguarding our collective future for generations to come. Look what we’ve already accomplished together!

Meet the solar warriors who make it happen for you

You’ve met at least a few of the dedicated world-changers on Team Freedom Solar, but you may not know why they’re here doing what they do. We want to tip our hats to the incredible employees who live and breathe our values, make the complicated world of solar look easy, and go out of their way to make you feel right at home with us. Here are a few of their stories.

Photo collage of freedom solar power employees

Energy Consultant, Ritz, has spent the last four years empowering her customers and teammates to lean on each other and keep growing the solar revolution in the United States. “In my experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, I learned quickly that culture matters,” said Ritz. “Having teammates that have your back, and are always willing to lend a helping hand doesn’t just make things “easier” – it makes me want to go that extra mile.”

“I work in the solar industry to keep the planet livable for my kids,” said CMO, Sherren. Being advocates for protecting the environment while empowering homeowners is the primary reason many of us are part of the alternative energy industry, especially those with kids as we feel a duty to protect their future.

“I studied Energy and Environmental Engineering for 5 years. While I know much about fossil fuels/carbon-based fuels,” said Matthew, Customer Accounts Manager Team Lead, “I believe renewables, especially solar, is a critical source of clean energy to propel our world into a cleaner future.” Our team showcases the business of sustainability through higher education and some with over a decade of wisdom being in the industry. Energy Consultant and Veteran, Jerry, found his outlet for empowering homeowners to utilize the power of nature; “As an extreme sport and outdoor adventurist, nature’s raw power is on constant display. Harnessing this raw power is precisely what Freedom Solar does, so as a military Veteran, I decided to make energy independence for Americans my new mission.”

Across the board, employees voiced that a driving reason for working at Freedom Solar is our company culture. “I knew this was the company I wanted to work for. Excellent culture focused on family values,” said Energy Consultant, Michael. Our collective mission has created a family bond between employees, and we feel that with our customers too. Your title at Freedom Solar does not dictate your value and the CEO, Bret, encourages everyone to speak up for things they believe. There is no “bottom” of the leaderboard here.

“From Colorado to Florida, we’re blending the Freedom way with local expertise to help more people discover the best damn solar technology and service, period.”

bret biggart, ceo

Our special offers to celebrate you this month

For new customers: In honor of our 15 years, you will receive $1,500 off your solar system when you go solar with us in September. It’s our biggest sale of the year! Thanks to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, you can also claim your 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit for the 2022 tax season. Your wallet as well as the environment will benefit from your investment in solar.

For existing customers: We could not have accomplished 15 amazing years of changing the way people power their lives without you. Tell us why you chose to go solar and  we’ll send you a FREE limited-edition shirt!  Please complete the survey by Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

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