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Solar Panel Installations in Austin, TX

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Austin Solar Incentives

We are a solar installer based in Austin, and we are confident we can provide you with the best solar panel installation products and services in the Austin area and beyond. Our local team has been providing commercial and home solar installation services to Central Texas customers such as Westlake Medical Center and Save the World Brewery since 2007. We will also help you and take advantage of all federal and local incentives, including the Austin Energy solar rebate.

Incentives are limited – reserve your rebate today!

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Home Solar Energy Services We Provide In Austin, TX

As a leading Texas solar installer, who calls Austin home, we’re proud to serve the Lone Star State. We offer solar installation services for both residential and commercial. Freedom Solar uses premium solar technology on every installation and handles everything from your initial consultation to obtaining the permits needed for your HOA. Freedom Solar also offers solar panel repairs and maintenance – regardless of who installed it, we can repair and upgrade any system to make sure that you’re getting the maximum energy production and efficiency.

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Austin FAQs

As a Freedom Solar customer using SunPower solar panels, it costs an average of $38,000 for an 9.1-kilowatt residential system as of 2022. This cost includes equipment, labor, and project management costs such as permitting and inspections from homeowners associations (HOAs)

However, federal incentives as well as state- and city-based rebates and incentives will go into effect and further lower your total cost. Read our blog on how much solar panels cost in Austin for more information.

Austin is a great place to go solar. On average, the city sees about 228 sunny days, and 85% of rooftops in Austin are equipped to accommodate solar panels. 

Additionally, as an Austin resident, you’re most likely using Austin Energy as your utility provider. Austin Energy provides a $2,500 rebate for homeowners going solar, which might be the final push needed to begin your solar project. 

Solar panels increase the resale price of your home, but they won’t increase your property taxes. Texas offers property tax exemptions to ensure that homeowners don’t have to pay additional taxes based on the increased resale value of their home. 

The federal government offers a solar investment tax credit (ITC) to subsidize the purchase and installation costs of residential and commercial solar panel systems. 

The ITC allows you to save 30% on the total cost of your solar project if installed before 2032, and decreases to 26% in 2033.

Unfortunately, Texas does not offer a state-wide tax credit for solar projects.

Solar panels are extremely durable, lasting an average of 25 years. Freedom Solar uses SunPower solar panels, which are some of the most efficient and longest-lasting panels on the market. Only one in 20,000 SunPower solar panels fail. 

Freedom Solar offers a 25-year lifetime warranty for performance, product, and workmanship to ensure your panels remain in shape and maintain an energy output of at least 92% of their original production. 

Solar panels typically require little maintenance, but it’s still an essential part of owning a solar panel system.

Maintaining your solar panels will keep their efficiency at top-rated performance levels, and also increase their lifespan. Clearing dirt, debris, snow, and more will help your panels maximize their energy output. 

And regardless of whether you have a roof-, wall-, or ground-mounted system, our solar repair and maintenance service department can assist you with maintenance, repairs, and inspections if needed. 

Selling electricity back to the grid is called net metering and is available through your Retail Electric Provider (REP). However, there are various electricity markets across the state of Texas. 

Austin Energy, for example, offers a Value of Solar (VoS) rate tariff. They calculate your solar credit by taking your total energy generation hours in kWh, then multiplying it by your applicable VoS rate (for residential and commercial customers, it’s $0.97 per kWh)  

Freedom Solar Power services homeowners and businesses throughout the Austin area, including Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Buda, Manor, Elgin, Southpark Meadows, Kyle, and more.

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Your Solar Installer In Austin


With over 220 days of sunshine a year and progressive renewable energy goals, Austin is a renewable energy leader in Texas with ample incentives for switching to solar. Austin Energy solar rebates can be combined with other local incentives and federal tax credits to make the switch to solar power systems more affordable. These financial incentives, combined with increasing electric utility rates, make solar energy an investment decision that will continue to provide savings for years to come.

Texas Installer

Freedom Solar was established in Austin in 2007, and we have since grown into the number one solar contractor in Texas. We install solar panels in Austin for residential and commercial customers, including Whole Foods, Shake Shack, The University of Texas, Huston-Tillotson University, Strictly Pediatrics, Austin Subaru, and Ben White Storage. We are your go-to source for all of your needs for residential and commercial solar panels in Austin! Learn more about our story.


We take great pride in designing and installing the highest quality solar solutions using the best solar technology available, and we work to ensure every client receives the maximum possible return on their investment. From engineering to construction to advanced monitoring, we offer a turn-key solar energy solution.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I was very happy with Freedom. An ideal contractor. Well informed, perfect communication, great installation process, superb product, total warranty on everything (not just the modules). I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a solid residential solar installer in Austin.

Cyrus T., Austin, Texas

I’ve had my solar installed by Freedom for just about a month now and figured between all the weather events we had now’s a good time to write my review.

When I decided to get solar, I contacted 10 companies. Some may feel that excessive but for the money you spend for solar you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Once I choose Freedom I instantly knew I picked a great company. They were responsive and made me feel like more than an account number. The company took care of all the paperwork with the HOA and permits for the city. I am more than thrilled with picking Freedom.

Roberto V., Austin, Texas

Great experience with Freedom Solar. Exactly what I’d hoped for based on reading the other reviews. They were prompt, professional and trustworthy. Our new system is working great and generating as expected.

Sara E., Austin, Texas

Our Austin Commercial Solar Clients

SunPower Master Dealer

SunPower Corporation selected Freedom Solar as the first and only SunPower® Master Dealer in Texas, giving Austin homeowners and businesses access to SunPower’s world-record-setting technology paired with our reputation for craftsmanship and personal attention to detail. Freedom Solar is honored to have been recognized by SunPower as the “National Top Producer of the Year” for four years running for consistently putting customers first and installing more residential solar than any other company in the U.S.

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Tesla Powerwall installed on the side of a home

Home Battery Backup Systems

Backup power is a system that connects to electricity sources, typically solar panels and the electric grid, to store excess power and return it to your home when you need it, generally because of a power outage during an emergency. In most cases, your backup power supply will come from a generator or a battery. Today’s solar batteries are also intelligent energy management systems that can optimize your home’s energy usage to take advantage of utility time-of-use plans or to ensure that your electric car is charged with solar power.

Backup Power Systems We Offer:

  • Solar battery backup power systems including Tesla Powerwall
  • Home generators

Commercial Solar Energy Services

Freedom Solar is more than a commercial solar installer. We offer full end-to-end solar solutions and complete project management from start to finish. Our services include free site analysis, engineering, and design services, financing, rebate application, installation, permitting, inspections, monitoring, and ongoing service and maintenance.

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We offer Austin solar power to homeowners and businesses in Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Buda, Manor, Elgin, and Southpark Meadows. Contact our team to see how much you can save.

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