Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3 from Freedom Solar Power: More Power, More Savings

There has never been a better time to reduce your dependence on the energy grid. Tesla Powerwall 3 has arrived with an improved design for better outage protection at a more affordable price, and Freedom Solar PowerⓇ, a Tesla Premier Certified Installer, is one of the first dealers in the nation to offer this innovative product to homeowners.

What to Expect from the Powerwall 3

Why we recommend the Powerwall 3 for anyone who powers their home with solar:

Electricity Bill Savings — Power your home 24/7 with solar power, and customize your usage settings to provide greater value and lower electricity bills. 

Low Cost Design — Designed and engineered to provide whole-home backup protection at a lower per-unit cost, Powerwall 3 is two times more powerful than the previous Powerwall 2 model.

Durable — Built with enhanced reliability and durability, the Powerwall 3 is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, operating in temperatures from -4F to 122F, submerged in water up to 28 inches, and at high elevations. In the face of intense heat, humidity, and cold, it can handle any conditions mother nature throws at it.

Whole-Home Backup Protection — A single unit can provide whole-home backup protection to over 95% of homes during a grid outage. Fewer batteries means less money and hassle. 

One Integrated Ecosystem — Designed to support EV home charging needs with the ability to optimize for sustainable charging and energy savings.  An integrated inverter in the Powerwall 3 allows solar systems to be connected directly to the battery for higher efficiency. 

Tesla Powerwall 3 glowing on the side of a home at night.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Specs

SpecsPowerwall 2NEW Powerwall 3
Energy Storage Capacity13.5 kWh13.5 kWh
Continuous Power Supply5.8 kW11.5 kW
What can it power?Can power lights, outlets, and small to medium appliances like refrigerators.Can power 95% of homes’ AC/Heat pumps, pool equipment, EVs, major appliances like laundry.
Site ManagementTesla GatewayIntegrated
Max Solar System Size13.5 kWh16+ kWh
SolarACIntegrated DC
Install DifficultyMediumVery Easy – in under 2 hours
Warranty10 years, full cost of replacement10 years, full cost of replacement

Tesla Powerwall Premier Certified Installer

Freedom SolarTM is a Tesla Powerwall Premier Certified Installer, a designation only offered to Certified Installers who have established a successful and long standing relationship with Tesla. Since 2017 we have proven an exceptional track record of high installation quality for Tesla products. 

When selecting a new product to offer to our customers, we look at several important factors – first, we look for a product that offers the best consumer experience available on the market today. Second, it has been tested rigorously at scale and offers industry-best reliability. Third, the manufacturer shares our core values of doing business the right way. Tesla was founded on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, and we believe that Tesla is uniquely suited to meet that challenge. We are committed to only installing the best and most innovative solar and storage technology on the market, and the Tesla Powerwall 3 represents the best battery product in the world today with the benefit of more than 500,000 units installed globally. What we add to the relationship is the outsized impact of solar power, installed and serviced with an attention to detail so that you and your families can depend on the power.

Modern home with solar panels on roof and a backup battery out front, shot at sunset

Why Homeowners Love Tesla Powerwalls

Our customers love the benefits that their Tesla Powerwalls bring them. Based on a recent survey of 150 Freedom Solar customers who own a Powerwall, we found that: 

  • 84% feel “more secure and protected” after purchasing their Powerwall
  • 72% feel “more mentally calm when weather events occur”
  • 70% have “more control over their electricity usage” using the Tesla app
  • 58% of have already used their Powerwall during a “significant power outage”
  • 80% said that they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their investment in the Powerwall

Get a Tesla Powerwall 3 Today

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