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Florida Renewable Energy Organizations to Check Out

There are numerous Florida renewable energy organizations dedicated to advancing clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Numerous organizations in Florida are dedicated to advancing clean and sustainable energy solutions throughout the state. Here’s a look at some of Freedom Solar’s favorites. 

Florida BioFuels and BioEnergy Association (FBBA)

FBBA is a nonprofit trade association that provides educational information and resources to businesses and government agencies across the Southeast. 

More specifically, their priority is to bring clean biomass and biofuel products to the market. These include cellulosic ethanol, flow systems for biodiesel, and reliable grid applications for existing or new infrastructure. FBBA also works with a range of other environmental groups to push their clean bioenergy development efforts.

Florida Renewable Energy Association (FREA)

FREA is the Orlando, Florida-based chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). It believes that all state residents have the right to a clean environment and works to make this a reality. 

FREA offers educational outreach opportunities and works with other grassroots organizations, such as Solar United Neighbors, to bring communities together and promote eco-conscious living. One of its beliefs is that environmental stewardship is vital now, not later, so that future generations have a safe world to live in with natural resources.

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

FSEC is a research center based at the University of Central Florida. It focuses on discovering the latest innovations in solar technology and design. The Florida Legislature created FSEC in 1975 to test and certify solar energy systems. 

FSEC has now outgrown its name and works with more than just solar power as a clean energy solution. They now have a staff of 70 members who are experts in building science, policy analysis, engineering, and energy research. The center regularly creates controlled experiments, computer simulations, and field monitoring to bring the latest energy technologies to the forefront. 

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Gulf Coast Energy Network (GCEN)

GCEN is an established nonprofit coalition consisting of large businesses and leaders in the governmental and environmental sectors. Their mission is two-fold: In part, they encourage investments in renewable energy solutions. Additionally, they educate on the economic benefits of sustainable energy, water, transportation, and architectural design.  

GCEN works with many industry partners between Texas and Florida to expand clean energy markets in those areas. At the same time, they try to create a cleaner, more ethical environment for the surrounding communities. 

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE)

SACE is an organization based in the Southeast doing environmental work in Florida as well as  North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee for the past 30 years. SACE believes in promoting clean energy use and helping the community make equitable choices that reflect care for the environment. 

They approach utility companies and decision-makers on sustainable energy topics such as making the switch to solar and wind power and reducing energy consumption. SACE also engages with local communities for educational purposes on how to lead a greener life. 

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