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Eco-Friendly Stores in Tampa We Love

With Florida dubbed the Sunshine State, there’s no question that residents take advantage of all the sun has to offer, especially solar energy. But Florida has also found ways to lower consumption and reduce waste, which is seen through some noteworthy businesses that are dedicated to mission green. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly stores in Tampa.

Bay Mulch

Bay Much Inc. sign

Yard waste facility for bio-natural soil

This company that creates a special type of soil called Enviromulch made of vegetative material that they collect from around the bay. This recycled material goes through a composting method, and the result is a USDA-certified organic soil.  

Enviromulch is 100% chemical-free, and is also free of cypress, a tree that’s vital to Florida wetland ecosystems and is cut down faster than they can grow back. 

Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Candles, crystals, and herbs from Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Candles, crystals, and herbs from Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Blue Sage Eco Boutique is a small company owned and founded by a Tampa native providing the community with eco-friendly products that promote sustainable self-care through intentional living. You can find all-natural soy candles, fragrances, essential oils, and much more in the shop.

Blue Sage represents a business model that is dedicated to intentional, sustainable practices and that doesn’t hurt the environment as it reaps success. If you’re around the area, we definitely recommend you add this to you eco friendly stores list.

Cleanse Apothecary

Photo graphic of Cleanse Apothecary’s shop interior

Photo graphic of Cleanse Apothecary’s shop interior

This store puts the research and time into hand-selecting each product that they offer to ensure their customers have high-quality, sustainable health, wellness, and beauty products at their disposal. 

According to Cleanse Apothecary, caring about the environment is synonymous with caring for oneself; their motto since day one has been, “What goes on your body, goes in your body.” You can rely on this shop whenever you’re looking for top-tier, trustworthy products.

Green Virgin Products

Tea and various health items from Green Virgin Products

Tea and various health items from Green Virgin Products

Green Virgin Products sells eco-friendly products utilizing clean production methods. All of their products are completely free of toxins, whether it’s hygiene items such as shampoo and conditioner or gadgets such as stainless steel water bottles.

This company values how things are made just as much as what they’re made of. You can expect to find healthy options through Green River Products that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store

Bulk soap using eco-friendly recycled paper packaging available at Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store

Bulk soap using eco-friendly recycled paper packaging available at Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store 

Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store is located in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa and stands as a popular spot for patrons to refill their kitchen, living, and bathroom bulk supply needs. When you bring in your own container — since they’re zero waste, don’t expect plastic bags! — you can fill up on hand soap, clothing detergent, honey, seeds, and much more.

They also sell cloth bags, bamboo toothbrushes and various other items outside of their raw bulk selection to help you move toward a more environmentally friendly style of living. 

My Organic Turf

Lawn grass assessment by My Organic Turf

Lawn grass assessment by My Organic Turf

My Organic Turf offers lawn fertilizer services to residential and commercial customers alike. They believe a healthy lawn starts with the soil’s web, pertaining to the nutrients available for both grass and microorganisms to thrive on.

Their ultimate goal is to not only help the community use safer alternatives to abrasive lawn chemicals, but to protect the community’s watershed, surrounding soils, and the animals, insects, and microorganisms that reside in the area.

Rollin’ Oats Market

Bulk produce at Rollin’ Oats Market

Bulk produce at Rollin’ Oats Market

Rollin’ Oats Market is a great place to shop sustainably. Buying in bulk is always the more eco-friendly way to go since you can tailor your grocery load to your exact needs by measuring and packing everything yourself. 

This ultimately saves you money while also reducing waste since each product isn’t separately packaged. Head to Rollin’ Oats to enjoy all of your favorite snacks as well as kitchen staples, including grains, flour, and much more. 

Sans Market

Home and kitchen goods from Sans Market

Home and kitchen goods from Sans Market

Sans Market is located in the Tampa Bay area and aims to veer people away from big brand products. You’ll find everything you can imagine in their vast bulk supply, from household cleaning products to personal hygiene and beauty items.

Replacing environmentally impactful products with eco-friendly, package-free alternatives is their forte and they hope to inspire more members in their community to go green. 

The Sustany Foundation

A Sustany Foundation outdoor program activity

A Sustany Foundation outdoor program activity 

Sustany is a foundation that supports environmental stewardship through various educational outlets and programs that promote conscious living. The foundation provides resources for the community while also investing in local projects that improve Tampa’s ecosystem.

The Sustany Foundation also partners with other organizations when working toward the same goals, such as saving natural resources and improving human health. 

Valhalla Resale

Valhalla advertisement that features a stylish woman looking at an iPad and reads "Get More for Less."

Valhalla Resale Facebook photo

This thrift store offers more than just used and recycled clothing; they provide a membership that gives patrons the ability to borrow up to three items at any time, with an unlimited number of exchanges. 

If you’re looking to update your closet on a regular basis but don’t want the same pieces lingering around throughout every season, this membership acts as a revolving door for clothing and accessories that you can use for work, school, recreational, or even seasonal activities.

Go Solar in Florida

If you’re looking to develop a more eco-friendly lifestyle, going solar is a great way to start living sustainably. Since Florida has 246 sunny days per year on average, utilizing solar panels will give you energy independence, long-term savings, and the internal reward of caring about the environment!  Do you have any other eco friendly stores in Tampa that you want us to check out? Let us know!

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