10 Facts About Solar Power

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10 Facts About Solar Power

Harnessing the power of the sun with solar panels is a clean, efficient, and affordable way to run your home or business. Here are a few basic facts about and advantages of solar energy.

1. Solar power is the most abundant energy source on Earth.

Every hour, more solar energy hits the earth than all of humanity needs for an entire year. Solar panels harness this clean energy source by using photovoltaic cells.

2. You can use solar power to run your entire home.

It’s a cheaper, safer, and green solution to running air conditioners, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.

3. Solar power has a long history.

The potential to harness solar power was first discovered in 1839 (a year after the first coal fired power plant was built) by Alexandre Edmond Becquererl. He found how to create an electrical current in a conductor that was hit by the sun rays, in other words, the photovoltaic effect. The creation of modern silicon photovoltaic cells was completed in 1954 at Bell Labs. Since then, the efficiency has increased more than four times, while the price has decreased significantly!

4. Solar is the world’s most popular form of new electricity generation.

Due to decreased cost and increased efficiency, solar has quickly become the preferred new electricity generator. More than 73 gigawatts of new solar power was installed in 2016!

5. Solar power produces no pollution.

Apart from the pollution given off during manufacturing, solar power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and most renewable resources in the world. However, not all panels are created equal. SunPower panels are the only solar panels to have achieved a Cradle to Cradle certification, meaning the panels are manufactured in the most sustainable, ethical way possible.

6. Solar power improves world health

The burning of fossil fuels creates toxic pollution, which has an impact on global health. Pollution affects as many people as HIV or malaria, and has serious consequences on children, older adults, and all living plants and animals. Solar power reduces the amount of fossil fuels used, meaning less pollution is going into the air, and into our lungs.

7. Solar panels can increase your home value

Initial studies have shown solar panels can increase your home value an average of $20,000, a higher payback percentage than a kitchen remodel.

8. Solar can help lower electric bills.

Depending on where you live in Texas, you may be able to take advantage of net metering (your system is hooked up to the electric grid and you sell back excess energy you produce). If you decide to finance, there is a possibility your monthly loan payment will be less than your average electric bill. Solar can help you save money from day one!

9. Solar systems come with a warranty.

Most solar systems come with a warranty. The warranty we offer at SunPower by Freedom Solar is a 25 year warranty on product (guarantees the quality of the system), 25 year warranty on service (repair or replace defective panels) and 25 year warranty on power (guarantees highest power production).

10. You don’t have to buy solar panels outright.

There are multiple ways to afford solar, you don’t have to pay cash to reap the benefits. Low interest loans are available to solar system owners, as well as other financing options. There are also incentives throughout the state of Texas, as well as federal incentives, to go solar that help lower the cost. Use our solar calculator to find out if solar is a fit for your home, or contact Freedom Solar for the latest info!

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