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Solar Panel Installation in Greensboro, North Carolina

Hot and humid summers in Greensboro, NC means that homeowners and business owners are facing high electricity bills. If you are looking for a way to generate renewable energy and save money at the same time, then Freedom Solar Power® is the team to call. We’ll help you combat rising energy costs and design a customized plan for your solar installation.

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Cost of Home Solar Power in Greensboro, NC

Solar installation is more affordable than you might think! The exact pricing depends on the equipment, size of your building, and other unique considerations. While some customers pay cash for their solar panels, many people choose to use our simple financing. If you live in Greensboro or the surrounding communities, it’s easy to see why solar panels make sense: there is plenty of sunshine throughout the year, so you can tap into the energy of the sun to power your home.

If you choose a financing plan through Freedom Solar, you can get started for free. Our $0-down options eliminate a cash expense at the beginning of the project. Instead, you will have an affordable monthly payment that is lower or comparable to your monthly electricity costs. On average, our solar power clients pay $138 monthly for an 8-kilowatt solar panel setup, yet some may qualify for financing and pay less than $100!Also, we encourage every homeowner to take advantage of North Carolina solar incentives and Federal programs. For example, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can give you up to 30% back in the form of a tax credit. If you pay cash for the solar panels or install them with a financing plan instead of leasing the equipment, then you will likely qualify for this tax credit.

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Greensboro Commercial Solar Installations

Profit margins are always a priority in business management. Have you noticed that high electricity costs are affecting your bottom line? Then it’s time to invest in a more sustainable solution by installing solar panels on your business or commercial building. Commercial solar panels in North Carolina can be installed on your rooftop. It makes sense to leverage the available space, especially because this investment can provide financial benefits for many years. We install commercial solar systems for corporate, non-profit, and government entities.

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Why Freedom Solar for Your Solar Panel Installation

Choosing the best solar companies in North Carolina is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure the success of your solar experience. Here are a few reasons why Freedom Solar is a trusted provider in the Greensboro area:

  • Industry Expertise: Our local team has years of experience installing solar energy systems in Greensboro and nearby cities. We design solar panel systems that help you make the most of the available energy based on local climate conditions.
  • Durable Equipment: The quality of your equipment matters. We use the highest standards when selecting equipment for your installation. These solar panels offer top-notch performance for many years.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: It feels good knowing that every solar panel installation comes with a 25-year warranty to cover workmanship and performance. This warranty protects your investment to ensure you can maximize renewable energy for as long as possible.
  • Flexible Pricing: Don’t assume that you can only install solar panels if you have cash available to pay in full. Instead, talk to our team about flexible pricing solutions and affordable monthly payments.
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How to Go Solar in Greensboro

When you are ready to benefit from clean, renewable energy for your home or business, then Freedom Solar makes it easy for you to get started with energy independence. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Schedule Your Consultation: Meet with our expert team to discuss the possibilities. Not only do we offer recommendations, but we are happy to answer your questions and provide education about your options.
  • Customized Solar Estimate: After we inspect your building and design a customized plan, you will receive a detailed estimate for your solar panel installation.
  • Professional Installation: When it’s time to move forward with the project, it feels good knowing that our highly-trained team is on the job. We pay attention to the details to ensure optimal performance.

Freedom Solar is here to help with everything that you need. We encourage you to reach out at your convenience to learn more about available services.

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Battery Backup & Storage

In addition to solar panel installation, you also need a solution to store energy to use at night and on cloudy days. You can choose to integrate a battery backup system that keeps your home or business powered throughout the year.

We offer solar power to homeowners and businesses in other areas surrounding Greensboro, NC. Contact our team to see how much you can save.

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