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Colorado Springs Solar Incentives

We are a solar installer in the Olympic City, and we are confident we can be a champion for you and provide you with the best solar panel installation products and services in the Colorado Springs area and beyond. Our local team provides commercial and residential solar panels and services to southern Colorado customers. We will also help you and take advantage of all federal and local incentives.

Incentives are limited – reserve your rebate today!

Home Solar Energy Services We Provide In Colorado Springs, Colorado

As a leading solar installer who is rated the #1 Best Solar Installer in Colorado by LeafScore, we’re ready to be the solar champion of Olympic City. We offer home solar installation services as well as commercial installations. We use SunPower premium solar technology on every installation and handle everything from consultation to obtaining the permits needed for your HOA. Freedom Solar also offers solar panel repairs and maintenance – regardless of who installed it, we will repair and upgrade any system to make sure that you’re getting the maximum energy production and efficiency.

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Colorado Springs FAQs

As of 2022, a 9-kilowatt (KW) SunPower solar panel system costs an average of $38,000 if you’re a Freedom Solar customer. This cost includes everything from equipment, labor, project management costs such as permitting, inspections, and homeowners associations (HOA) approvals

Fortunately, there are ways to further lower your total cost through federal incentives and local rebates and incentives. Read our blog on how much solar panels cost in Colorado Springs for more information.

Colorado sees over 300 sunny days per year, making it a great place for going solar

Colorado is also one of the first states in the U.S. to enact a Renewable Energy Standard, meaning it has committed to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. The state is more than accepting of solar-generated power as well as other forms of renewable energy

Unfortunately, Colorado does not offer a statewide solar tax credit, but there is a federal one you can easily benefit from. The solar investment tax credit (ITC) provides 30% savings off of your solar project’s total cost if installed by the end of 2032. Savings will decrease to 26% in 2033.

According to Zillow, solar panels increase a home’s price by about 4.1%, and provide a much higher return on investment (ROI) than the majority of other home improvement projects.

However, you won’t have to pay higher property taxes just because your home value increased. Colorado offers a property tax exemption for those who invest in a commercial or a home solar installation.

A 9-kW SunPower solar panel system from Freedom Solar will cost you an average of $38,000 as of 2021. So, a 10-KW system will cost slightly more than that.

It’s important to note that SunPower offers the most efficient solar panels on the market, so the number of panels you need may be slightly less than you think.

The monthly cost of solar depends on the type of system you have and the efficiency of your panels. The less efficient your panels are, the more you’ll have to pay your utility company to fill your home electricity needs. 

As for your investment, your monthly payments are dependent on your unique payment plan. Freedom Solar requires zero down, and our service team will create a financial plan that works best with your budget.

Solar panels are extremely durable, with an average lifespan of 25 years. This is the same length as Freedom Solar’s lifetime warranty. Additionally, the average solar panel loses around 0.8% of its output each year, but this can be extended if you properly maintain your panels

A Tesla Powerwall costs about $18,000 factoring in various equipment, including the Powerall, Gateway, and other hardware. However, there may be additional costs related to installation, labor, and financing depending on your situation. 

Additionally, Tesla Powerwalls are eligible for local rebates and incentives as well as the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC), which can save you up to 30% on your total project cost.

No, solar panel companies do not own your roof if you purchase a solar panel system from them. However, solar panel leasing is a slightly different story. Though a leasing company won’t own your roof, you’ll have less control over it. 

These companies have a goal of maximizing their investment on your property, so they have little regard to curb appeal, general appearance, and the number of panels placed on your roof.

We offer solar and backup power solutions to homeowners and businesses in Colorado Springs, Gleneagle, Monument, Woodmoor, Meridian Ranch, Pueblo, Canon City, and more.

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Your Solar Installer In The Olympic City


With 300 days of sunshine a year and being a champion city for progressive renewable energy goals, Colorado Springs has ample incentives for switching to solar energy. Utility solar rebates can be combined with other local incentives and federal tax credits to make the switch to solar power systems accessible. These financial incentives, combined with increasing electric utility rates, make solar energy an investment decision that will continue to provide cost savings for years to come.


Freedom Solar was established in 2007, and we are the only SunPower Master Dealer in Colorado. We install solar panels in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for residential and commercial customers and take pride in helping Coloradans gain energy independence. We are your go-to source for all of your needs for residential and commercial solar panels in the Front Range! Learn more about our story.


We take great pride in designing and installing the highest quality solar solutions and consider ourselves a solar champion for the Olympic city. We use the best solar technology available, and we work to ensure every client receives the maximum possible return on their investment. From consultations to advanced monitoring, we offer a turn-key solar energy solution.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve been considering solar for a few years now. After talking with a few friends, even some in the industry, I’ve learned that I really want high-quality panels like SunPower and that’s initially lead me to Freedom Solar. Since that very first call, their staff has been professional, honest, knowledgeable and they actually seem to believe in what they’re doing, in alternative energy, and that’s really important to me. If you’re looking for friendly, no-nonsense service, give them a call.

Abe C., Colorado Springs

Very professional and courteous staff. Very responsive to my and inspectors requests. Up and running quickly. On-site crews and office staff were great in explaining various aspects of the project and approval process. Good follow-up as well.

Peter G., Colorado Springs

Very friendly and professional. Did what they said and when they said it would get done. I did my research and SunPower along with the installers Freedom Solar is the way to go. Thanks to the whole crew for a job well done. A++.

Walter K., Pueblo West

Our Commercial Solar Clients

Whole Foods

SunPower Master Dealer

SunPower Corporation selected Freedom Solar as their only SunPower® Master Dealer in Colorado, giving Springs homeowners and businesses access to SunPower’s world-record-setting technology paired with our reputation for craftsmanship and personal attention to detail. Freedom Solar is honored to have been recognized by SunPower as the “National Top Producer of the Year” in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for consistently putting customers first and installing more residential solar than any other company in the central U.S.

Tesla Powerwall installed on the side of a house

Home Battery Backup Systems

Backup power is a system that connects to electricity sources, typically solar panels and the electric grid, to store excess power and return it to your home when you need it, generally because of a power outage during an emergency. In most cases, your backup power supply will come from a generator or a battery. Today’s solar batteries are also intelligent energy management systems that can optimize your home’s energy usage to take advantage of utility time-of-use plans or to ensure that your electric car is charged with solar power.

Backup Power Systems We Offer:

  • Solar battery backup power systems including Tesla Powerwall
  • Home generators
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Commercial Solar Energy Services

Freedom Solar is more than a commercial solar panel installer. We offer full end-to-end solar solutions and complete project management from start to finish. Our services include free site analysis, engineering, and design services, financing, rebate application, installation, permitting, inspections, monitoring, and ongoing solar repair, service and maintenance service.

We offer solar and backup power solutions to homeowners and businesses in Colorado Springs, Gleneagle, Monument, Woodmoor, Meridian Ranch, Pueblo, Canon City, and surrounding areas.

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*Terms and Conditions: Offer valid to customers who, from December 1, 2023 to January 31, 2023, enter into a contract with Freedom Solar LLC (“Freedom Solar”) to purchase a new Tesla Powerwall. Following the installation and commissions of the customer’s Tesla Powerwall, Freedom Solar will pay eligible customers, via the Freedom Solar Power app, a rebate of $1,200 which is approximately equal to 12 months of Powerwall loan payments (assuming a 25-year term loan at current market rates). To access the rebate, customers must register in the Freedom Solar Power app no later than 6 months following the system installation date and redeem the rebate through the Freedom Solar Power app via an electronic transfer to their bank account or a Virtual Prepaid Visa Card. Limit 1 rebate per customer project or contract. 

** Subject to customer’s eligibility (including sufficient taxable income) for federal solar investment tax credit. Not all homeowners will be eligible for the full estimated federal tax credit. Freedom Solar LLC is not qualified to provide tax advice. Federal tax credits can change or end at any time. Please consult a tax professional to understand any tax liability or eligibility for any tax credits that may result from the purchase of solar photovoltaic and/or energy storage device(s).