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Solar Panel Installation in Fort Collins, Colorado

If you have been considering investing in solar installation for your home or office, then now is a great time to get started. Freedom Solar Power® is here to answer your questions and assist as you are choosing the right solar panels for your property.

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Cost of Home Solar Panels in Fort Collins

Saving money is often a motivation for homeowners and business owners. If you are looking at monthly expenses for the new Fort Collins Utility costs, it’s easy to see why investing in solar panels is a good idea.

Your cost for solar panels in Colorado will depend on the number of solar panels needed, the size of your home, where the panels are being installed, and other customized features you choose. As you are evaluating the cost of installation, compare these initial costs with the ongoing savings you will receive in the coming years. When the solar panels are paid off, it means that you have free, clean energy.

One option is to finance your solar installation through Denver solar companies. At Freedom Solar™, we offer simple financing solutions like $0 down payment, or monthly payments as low as $100 per month. Our goal is to create a plan that suits your budget.

We also encourage our customers to take advantage of available local and federal incentives. Currently, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a popular option. This federal program allows you to claim a tax credit the year you install solar panels, equaling 30% of the price you paid for the solar installation.

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Fort Collins, CO Commercial Solar Installations

Saving money on overhead costs means that there is more left over to boost your business profits. Freedom Solar offers commercial solar installations for businesses of all sizes. We’ll help you determine the ideal installation plan to ensure you have sufficient energy to power your business.

As commercial solar installation experts, we have experience putting solar panels on corporate buildings, government sectors, and non-profit organizations. This investment is a smart business decision when you can see the potential cost savings in the future.

Our Commercial Solar Clients Near Fort Collins

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Why Freedom Solar for Your Solar Panel Installation

At Freedom Solar, we strive to be one of the best solar companies in Colorado. Here are some of the reasons why we stand out as a preferred provider in the local industry:

  • Cutting Edge Technology: We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that our customers are receiving optimal results. Technology has come a long way over the years, and we are proactive about sourcing products that perform reliably.
  • 25-Year Warranty: This strong warranty gives you peace of mind. In the unlikely case that something goes wrong, we will fix the problem. Additionally, we offer a guarantee on the labor and services provided.
  • Expert Installation: When our team shows up, it feels good knowing that the experts are on the job. We’ve specialized in solar installations for more than 15 years and understand the best solutions for the local Colorado climate.
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How to Go Solar in Fort Collins

When you are ready to go solar, the best solution is to start learning about your options. You can reach out to local solar companies in Colorado to discuss various services and products. The more knowledge you gain in the planning stages, the more empowered you are to choose the solutions that are best for your home or business. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation. We’ll come to your location to determine the ideal placement for solar panels. Then, you receive a no-obligation estimate for the project. We customize each estimate based on the unique needs of every customer. Additionally, we encourage you to ask questions during this consultation so you can learn everything you need so you are comfortable moving forward with the installation.

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Solar Backup Power & Storage

Solar panels alone are a great investment. If you want to increase the performance and value of your system even more, then it makes sense to include backup power as part of your installation. This battery system stores available electricity for you to use when the sun isn’t shining – at night and on stormy days.

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We offer solar power to homeowners and businesses in other areas surrounding Fort Collins, CO. Contact our team to see how much you can save.

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