Backup Power FAQs

What is backup power?

Backup power is a system that connects to electricity sources, typically solar panels and the electric grid, to store excess power and return it to your home when you need it, generally because of a power outage during an emergency.

In most cases, your backup power supply will come from a generator or a battery. Today’s solar batteries are also intelligent energy management systems that can optimize your home’s energy usage to take advantage of utility time-of-use plans or to ensure that your electric car is charged with your solar power system.

Should I get a battery or a generator?

We are more than happy to help you determine whether a battery or generator is best for your home.

To get started, read our analysis of Batteries vs. Generators which explains how each backup power system works, benefits, costs, and product warranties. Then browse the most common backup power systems we install.

Where does Freedom Solar install backup power solutions?

At Freedom Solar, our goal is to help every homeowner achieve energy independence as quickly as possible as the risk of power outages increases due to extreme weather events, an aging electric grid, and a growing population.

We install batteries for backup power across the states of Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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