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Removing and Reinstalling Solar Panels: What to Know

Need roof repairs? Let the experts at Freedom Solar Power help with removing solar panels and reinstalling them to get your project going.

Solar panel removal and reinstallation is the process of temporarily removing rooftop solar panels to carry out construction work. Freedom Solar Power is a company offers this service through our trusted and reputable service department, which completes hundreds of these projects every year throughout Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. 

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Can Solar Panels Be Removed and Reinstalled?

Yes! Solar panel removal and reinstallation is sometimes necessitated by an aging roof, remodel, or weather damage.

Can I Remove My Own Solar Panels?

We do not recommend removing and reinstalling your solar panels yourself, as it can be a tricky process without the proper tools or know-how. Attempting a DIY solar panel removal and reinstall may even void your warranties and contracts.

How Does Removing and Reinstalling Solar Panels Work?

During this process, we remove the conduit, panels and racking. Our service technicians safely and professionally detach these elements prior to the roof repair or replacement. Once you’ve completed the roof work, the Freedom Solar Power team will reinstall these elements and turn the system back on, ensuring your system is performing as it was prior to removal. 

What Factors Should I Consider When Removing and Reinstalling Solar Panels?

There are many key details to consider before you choose a company to remove and reinstall your solar panels. Here are the most important factors.


If you are a SunPower customer, your warranty requires that only authorized SunPower dealers handle your solar panels, or else your warranty will be voided. For customers who have had their solar systems installed by other installers and/or have another brand of panels besides SunPower, we are happy to provide you with a quote for service.

Cost to Remove Solar Panels and Reinstall

Freedom Solar Power will walk you through all of your options, whether you’re paying for these services through an insurance claim or out-of-pocket.


It’s crucial to hire a company that has the right experience and knowledge for the job. Licensed solar companies understand the correct way of handling each component of a solar system.

Be wary of scams! A roofer or contractor may claim that they can remove and reinstall your solar panels, but there are a few potential pitfalls:

  • First, this may void your warranty. Solar components are costly. If an unauthorized, inexperienced team were to break something, the customer would be responsible for the damage.
  • Second, general contractors are not usually skilled electricians who can ensure that the electrical work is done properly and that your solar system will function as intended.
  • Third, a lack of expertise with solar systems could potentially create electrical hazards, resulting in costly repairs or a risk of fire.

How Do I Find an Experienced Team to Remove and Reinstall My Solar Panels?

The process of choosing a company to remove and reinstall your solar panels is the same as choosing your installer. You should make sure that the solar company has a good reputation and proven experience. 

In addition to possessing the right expertise for this type of project, our team also understands the importance of reinstalling your system so that it’s producing energy as quickly as possible. We work carefully and efficiently to ensure that you miss as little production time as possible. 

With solar panel company Freedom Solar Power, you’ll receive a dedicated Service Coordinator who will walk you through every step of the process. If you’re looking for solar repair, we have a solar panel service and maintenance department, meaning you’ll never have to worry whether or not we’re handling your project correctly. Every customer receives the same high-quality experience.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation With Freedom Solar

Do you have a roof with solar panels that needs repair? Our team at Freedom Solar Power will service any solar panel system. We’ll even coordinate with your roof contractor to make sure the process is as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Want more information? Ready to submit a request to receive service on your system and protect your investment? Before work begins on your home or business, visit our solar repair service department page and submit a request to get in touch with one of our experts.