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Bringing a Modern Twist to a South Texas Ranch with Solar

A fifth-generation Texan saw the benefits of energy independence by adding solar to his modern home above the tree canopy.

Darrell Brownlow, a fifth-generation Texan, considers solar a beneficial home addition because it’s low maintenance, offers energy independence, and is able to sustain efficient energy production for decades. This made it a perfection addition for bringing a modern to twist to his South Texas Ranch dubbed Rancho Carrizo.

A Little Background on this South Texas Ranch

Brownlow is a geologist who grew up on his family’s ranch in Floresville, right outside of San Antonio. The ranch has been in the family for over a century and continues to be handed down over generations. Eventually, Brownlow and his wife moved back to the ranch from Lubbock, Texas once their kids grew up and left the nest.

However, Brownlow and his wife wanted to transform the family ranch into a unique, modern home. They wanted something that showcased all of the things that he and his wife love. Panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset, and scenic drives home thanks to the road carved from the main highway through the forest. The preserved land where wildlife thrive is dear to them as well. Rancho Carrizo essentially became their getaway destination right at home.

“We want a place that meets a lot of standards and attributes in things that we believed in, things that we appreciated, and things that we enjoyed,” Brownwell says. “We wanted something that was totally unique, but that was low maintenance. That was the key.”

Going Solar in South Texas at Rancho Carrizo

Rancho Carrizo’s rooftop solar system sits above the tree line at the highest topographic point between Central Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, the panels receive enough direct sunlight to produce 75% to 150% of their daily consumption. This makes it possible to feed energy back to the local grid. Brownwell’s panels at Rancho Carrizo generate enough energy to light up houses all over Texas.

Since going solar in 2020, Brownwell has expanded his system twice. This is thanks to an ideal roof slope and an abundance of sunlight pouring over the home. A perfect setup, climate, and general environment makes it difficult not to expand. Acquiring a home solar installation was a practical choice that moves the home in the right direction in terms of smart, sustainable living.

Brownwell’s house is a perfect example of low-impact development and sustainable construction. “We want to do as many things as we can do to demonstrate not just sustainability features, but realistic, practical ways to take advantage of certain attributes [of the land],” says Brownwell.

South Texas Sustainability Through Solar

The land that Rancho Carrizo sits on is special to Brownwell for many reasons. One of its most unique features is that it’s on the outcropping of the Carrizo Aquifer, an important South Texas water source. The Carrizo Aquifer is 130 feet below the surface of his home. It not only provides their drinking water, but also fuels their highly efficient geothermal heating and cooling system.

Some other unique features include the use of xeriscaping, which relies on natural rock and boulders and water from the aquifer. Special features of their home include local stonework on their walls, windows showcasing panoramic views, and energy from the Texas sun through solar panels.

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