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Solar Panel Installation in Cary, NC

Are you ready to invest in alternative energy for your home or business? The key to success with your installation is to find a trusted contractor: Freedom Solar Power®. Cary is an ideal location for solar energy systems because of the ongoing sunlight and good weather throughout the year. The climate is a natural fit for solar panel installation.

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Cost of Home Solar Panels in Cary, NC

If you want details about the cost of solar panel installation on your home, then it’s time to reach out to local solar companies in NC. You can schedule a consultation and receive a personalized estimate based on the size of your home, the number of panels you’ll need, and where these solar panels will be installed.

While many customers pay for solar installation upfront, there is also an option to use an easy and affordable financing plan from Freedom Solar™. We offer $0-down options for the installation of both solar panels and backup battery power. You can get started for free, and the monthly payment for a financing plan can be as low as $100/month.Also, talk to our team about reducing your costs by leveraging North Carolina solar incentives and the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This Federal program can provide a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the solar installation. To qualify for this tax credit, you must purchase the solar panels instead of leasing the system.

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Cary, NC Commercial Solar Installations

Managing overhead costs for your business is a critical factor in maximizing profit margins. If you are looking for ways to reduce utility expenses, such as through peak shaving or demand mitigation, and to invest in sustainability at the same time, then consider the benefits of commercial solar power in North Carolina.

In the same way solar panels can be placed on residential homes, you can also choose commercial solar panels for business locations. Commercial solar installation is available for corporate buildings, as well as non-profit and government sectors. You can harness the power from the sun, allowing you to use a renewable source of energy now and for many years to come.

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Why Freedom Solar for Your Solar Panel Installation

When you are investing in solar installation, make sure you are hiring an installation team that you trust. You deserve to be working with an experienced and knowledgeable team. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Freedom Solar for your commercial or home installation:

  • Modern Technology: Not only are our solar panels built using the latest technology advancements in the industry, but you can trust that this equipment will hold up for years. We make sure that you receive quality equipment that can withstand the changing weather conditions.
  • Professional Installation: Our team has more than 15 years of experience installing residential and commercial solar power systems. We know the best strategies to maximize results based on the local climate. You’ll receive a customized installation plan and a team of installers who care about the outcome of your project.
  • Warranty on the Equipment: You can have peace of mind knowing that we offer a 25-year warranty on your solar panels. We stand behind the quality of our installations. If something goes wrong, we will fix it.
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How to Go Solar in Cary, NC

Are you interested in learning more about the ways your home or business will benefit from renewable energy? The possibilities are endless when you invest in the right equipment. Freedom Solar Power is here to help, offering a full-service solution to design a customized plan and install your new system.Reach out at your convenience to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We will provide information about your options and put together an estimate for your upcoming installation. Our team is always here to answer your questions and assist with every stage of your solar panel installation, maintenance, and beyond.

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Solar Backup Power & Storage

Not only do you need solar panels to harness the energy of the sun, but it’s important to also have a way to store the energy. A backup power system offers the battery solutions you need for running your business or home, even when the sun isn’t shining.

This two-part installation gives you the ability to use renewable energy all hours of the day, even at night when there isn’t any sunlight to generate power.

We offer solar power to homeowners and businesses in other areas surrounding Cary, NC. Contact our team to see how much you can save.

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