Kohler Generator


KOHLER is an American company based in Wisconsin that has been making generators since 1920. Kohler’s reputation for premium quality is reflected in this generator’s durability and performance in harsh conditions.

What are the benefits of Kohler Power systems?

This home backup generator is an affordable solution to power your entire home during an outage, from lights and appliances to sensitive electronics. The Kohler standby generator has an automatic transfer switch that can restore power remotely within 10 seconds after your house goes off the grid.

Kohler home backup generators are duel-fuel rated using natural gas or propane, and no refueling is needed when it is connected to your home’s natural or LP gas line.

How much does the Kohler Generator cost?

The Kohler generator comes in a variety of sizes, from an energy storage of 6 kilowatts (kW) to 150 kW depending on the size of your home. The 20kW model, which is the most commonly installed size of Freedom Solar customers, has a retail price of just under $5,000 and costs between $11,000 and $15,000 fully installed.

Certified KOHLER Installer

Freedom Solar is your expert local installer of Kohler Home Generators and a certified installer of Kohler Power generator products.