System Design FAQs

Will you provide a design preview of my solar panels?

Absolutely! Once we’ve assessed your home and energy needs, we will provide a computer generated design showing how the solar panel system will look on your roof.

The rendering will include:

  • Panel placement and layout
  • Number of panels and overall system size
  • Panel tilt angles and orientation
  • Access pathways and spacing
  • Roof obstructions avoidance
  • String inverter/microinverter location
  • Conduit routing

A dedicated member of our design team will call you, and you can give us feedback on the layout. We’ll work with our engineers until you’re satisfied with the design.

Will I get final design approval?

Yes, you will be given the opportunity to give design approval prior to installation.

Our dedicated design team member will call you to discuss the design and answer any initial questions you have. It’s a collaborative process—we want to get your feedback and make sure you’re fully satisfied.

Please note, if we’re unable to reach you after `five phone call attempts and don’t receive a response to our email with your attached design`, we’ll move forward with the proposed design of your panels.

I missed the call from the designers—now what?

If you happen to miss the initial call from our design specialist, no worries at all! We completely understand life gets busy.

Our dedicated design team will make several attempts to connect with you and review the proposed design:

  • They will call you up to 5 times over a span of three days in the morning and evening.
  • If they don’t reach you on the first call, they’ll send an email with your attached design. You’re welcome to reply back to this email to approve your solar array.
  • If we’re unable to to reach you after 5 phone calls, we’ll leave you a voicemail letting you know we’re moving forward with the original design developed based on the site assessment data. This initial design is carefully crafted to maximize solar production on your home.

Please don’t hesitate to call us back directly if you see a missed call or email—we really want to hear your feedback! Our goal is a design optimized for your home and preferences.

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