Site Assessment FAQs

Do you need access to my entire property?

For the site assessment, we only need access to the areas of your property that are relevant for the solar panel installation. This `may` include:

  • Roof: We’ll need to access the roof sections where we plan to mount the solar panel system. This allows us to inspect the roof condition and take precise measurements. If there are multiple roof planes, we’ll need access to each area.
  • Electrical panel: We’ll need to access your main electrical panel to evaluate your current setup and plan for interconnecting the solar system.
  • Drone flight path: Our drone needs a small amount of airspace above the installation areas for assessment. We ensure the drone stays directly over your property.
  • Solar site: If designing a ground mount solar system, we’d need access to the planned installation site to analyze sunlight, terrain, etc.
  • Attic: We may need brief access to your attic in order to take photos of the rafters/trusses to complete a structural analysis. Our site assessor will let you know if attic access is required for your specific project.`
What should I expect during my site assessment?

When we come out to inspect your home, we’ll check if your electrical system needs any upgrades to handle the extra power from solar panels. We’ll also get up on the roof to evaluate its condition and ensure it will last through the panel lifetime. We’ll measure the roof space to design an optimal solar layout, and use a drone with specialized software to get accurate data. We’ll check for any nearby trees or buildings that could cause shading and reduce your solar production.

After the inspection, we’ll explain anything we found that could affect your solar system. We’ll update your production estimate based on the specifics of your home, and ensure you feel confident in your decision to join the solar revolution.

Do I need to be home during the site assessment?

Yes, you are required to be home for the site assessment so you can grant us access to certain areas of your home.

For example:

  • We need access to your attic in order to take photos of the structural framing.
  • We need to take pictures of any interior electrical subpanels.
  • If mounting any equipment like Powerwalls in your garage, we need photos inside the garage space to plan the layout.

We appreciate you taking the time to be present for the site assessment. This allows for a smoother appointment and more comprehensive property analysis, so we can help you be more powerful.

I didn’t receive an email with my site assessment time. Now what?

If you haven’t received the email with your solar site assessment time, here are some tips:

  • Check your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes appointment emails can get filtered there by accident.
  • Reach out to our scheduling team at They can look up your appointment details and resend the confirmation.
  • Call our customer care line at 1 (833) 500-0014. Our team can assist with getting your assessment time scheduled and confirmed.
How do I confirm my site assessment time?

To confirm the appointment, simply respond directly to the email you receive or give our Customer Care team a call at 1 (833) 500-0014.

If you need to reschedule the assessment for any reason connect with scheduling by emailing

What should I do with my pets?

Please ensure that your pets are secured for the duration of the work anytime our employees are onsite.

If we arrive at your house and see that there is an unsecured animal in the work area, we will knock on the door and ask you to put your animal away. If you are not home and the pet is loose in the work area, we will attempt to contact you but will not enter.

If we cannot complete our scheduled work due to a loose pet, you may be charged a $250.00 trip fee. This policy keeps our employees and your pets safe.

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