On-Site Installation FAQs

Do I need to be home for installation?

While you don’t need to be home for the entire installation appointment, we will need an adult present to let our team into the attic space or grant us any other necessary access to your property.

Many of our customers who aren’t able to be home arrange for us to have access by leaving the garage door open or providing a key to a neighbor who can let us in.

Having someone on-site for at least the start of your appointment allows our technicians to work more efficiently and ensures we can complete your installation properly.

How long does installation take?

The number of installation days can vary slightly based on the size of your system. In general, our team can fully install a standard sized residential solar array in 1 dedicated workdays. For larger systems, in may take 2 to 3 days.

We’ll do our communicate proactively about any factors that may push your installation timeline out, and weather is always a factor—we can’t install on rainy or extremely windy days. Our goal is always to provide realistic schedule expectations, and keep you informed of your timeline and any delays.

Who will be on my property during the installation?

Our fully licensed and insured solar installation crew will be the ones completing the work at your home. A typical installation team consists of:

  • A crew lead/foreman: The head installer who oversees the project and crew.
  • Installers: Our trained solar panel installers who will do the majority of the installation work.
  • Electricians: Our certified electricians responsible for wiring and connections.

We do background checks on all staff that will access your property—safety and security is our top priority.

Will I still have power during the installation?

You will maintain power throughout most of the solar installation process. However, there will likely be a 4-6 hour planned shutdown when we tie your solar system into your home’s main electrical panel.

During this final hookup, we will need to safely shut off power from the grid so our electricians can complete the connections. We give advance notice before any outage.

Will my panels be operational after installation?

No, your solar panels will not be fully operational and producing energy immediately after the installation.

Your system will need to pass all necessary inspections before we officially activate and turn on your solar panels. We’ll take care of scheduling inspections, and update you via your Project Tracker with appointment times and statues.

The finish line of solar is called PTO, or Permission to Operate from your utility company. Once we pass all system inspections, we will update your Project Tracker so you will be able to access your Permission to Operate letter, and enjoy the benefits of going solar.

What if I want to learn more about how the equipment and conduit will be installed?

We can arrange for our crew lead to meet with you on site on the first day of the installation to go over proposed conduit runs and equipment locations. Our scheduling team will be in contact with you to confirm your installation schedule and who will be on-site at your home.

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