Maintenance FAQs

How do I schedule a service appointment?

To schedule a service appointment fill out our service request form, here.

Will hail affect my 25-year warranty?

In many cases, home insurance covers the labor cost for panel removal and reinstallation. Costs vary depending on model of your system and the repairs needed.

For the site inspection to prepare and submit information to your insurance, we charge a $250 fee for that initial visit, but we always recommend that you ask your insurance to reimburse the fee to you!

Does weather damage fall under my 25-year solar warranty or my homeowners insurance?

Acts of nature fall outside of the 25-year solar warranty and fall into homeowners insurance coverage. When we complete a solar inspection for any weather damage, we will provide you with a report that you can share with your homeowners insurance.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels have an average life span of 25+ years. Depending on how you care for them and the general environment of where you live, they can last shorter or longer than that range. However, as they age, their efficiency declines. About 0.8% of a panel’s energy output is lost every year.

Does cleaning your solar panels make a difference?

Yes, cleaning your solar panels can make a difference. Think about having smudges on your glasses—you can see better after wiping them off, right? Cleaning dirt, leaves, debris and other matter from your solar panels will help improve their efficiency and energy output.

What is the best thing to use to clean solar panels?

It’s best to use either a hose or low-pressure sprayer with soapy water to thoroughly remove any buildup of dirt, debris or snow. If cleaning in freezing temperatures, make sure the water you use is warm so it doesn’t freeze on the panels.

When cleaning your solar panels, avoid pressure washers to prevent damage to the panels.

Can you pressure-wash solar panels?

No, you should not pressure-wash your solar panels.

Pressure washers are great for cleaning the exterior of your home, such as the gutters, roof and driveway, but they run the risk of damaging your panels. It’s best to find a safer alternative such as a hose or a low-pressure sprayer for cleaning your panels.

How do you repair a solar panel?

Solar panel repair work varies depending on the problem.

Sometimes a part needs to be reattached, although this is rare. Usually, your solar provider will give you a replacement instead. If you have a bad crack, your provider will generally replace the glass top without interfering with the wiring beneath.

How do I know if my solar panel is broken?

You’ll know if your solar panel is broken if physical damage, like a severe crack, is noticeable. However, solar panels can still function with less severe cracks.

The most reliable way for you to know if your solar panel is broken is to check their energy output during the day and see whether it’s less than normal. Lower output indicates something isn’t working properly.

Call our Service Department to get a monitoring report for your system.

What can damage a solar panel?

Solar panels are built to be durable, but if they’re ever damaged, weather is typically the culprit.

Your area might be prone to heavy rain, wind, snow or something else, but it takes much more than that to damage a system. Although rare, in extreme instances such as hail from a severe storm or hurricane, panels can crack or otherwise be damaged.

Can solar panels be repaired?

Yes, solar panels can be repaired depending on the type of damage, but it’s typically better to replace the damaged panels.

Our Service Department can inspect your system to see whether the fix can happen on-site. If it can’t, a service team member will uninstall your panels, take them in for further inspection and likely replace them with new ones through your provider.

What is the maintenance cost of solar panels?

The maintenance cost of solar panels varies depending on your specific provider, whether the issue falls under your warranty, and the type of work you need done.

For example, a thorough cleaning and a replacement of old wiring will have different costs. If you’re experiencing issues or would like a quote for additional services, please contact our Service Department.

Freedom Solar and the applicable solar panel manufacturer together offer our customers a 25-year warranty covering product, performance and workmanship.

How often do solar panels need to be repaired?

Solar panels rarely need to be repaired thanks to their strength and durability. They can stand up against some of the most inclement weather conditions—even including hurricanes.

But if conditions are bad enough, sometimes repairs need to take place, which should be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Is maintenance required for solar panels?

Solar panels require minimal maintenance throughout their life cycle because they don’t have any moving parts. However, periodic cleaning every year will help your panels maintain optimal output. This usually entails washing away any buildup of dirt, debris, leaves, and other matter.

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