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Top 6 Green Energy Bloggers We Love

Experts are predicting big things for green energy. (It’s a smart choice for everyone, after all.)

Solar capacity should double over the next five years, and wind energy should increase to more than 400 gigawatts of installed capacity by 2050. Meanwhile, staying on top of the solar market means keeping pace with a whirlwind of technical advances, policy developments and economic events. Basically, you need all the help you can get to stay current.

That’s exactly why we love these green energy experts and journalists. Their articles keep us up to date with all aspects of renewable energy and sustainability, from practical tips for homeowners to thoughtful insights on the global state of solar.

Here are six green energy bloggers we rely on to keep up with all things sustainable.

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1. Chloé Farand

As a regular contributor at DeSmogBlog, a respected climate science blog, Farand covers the political side of energy. With journalistic rigor, she takes down the spin surrounding climate change legislation. She also discusses current events, like the UN climate talks and worldwide climate activist demonstrations.

Catch Farand’s reporting at DeSmogBlog or check her out on Twitter.

2. Seth Leitman

Electric car designer Seth Leitman, also known as the Green Living Guy, is the writer behind the titular blog. On his site — a cross between an environmental news page and a green lifestyle blog — Leitman writes about electric cars, offers practical tips for energy-efficient living, details climate change and covers energy policy news. This is a great follow if you like hard-hitting green journalism but occasionally crave a little lighter fare.

To stay atop Leitman’s writing, check out the Green Living Guy blog or follow him on Twitter.

3. Andrew Winston

Consultant and TED Talk alumnus Andrew Winston has been covering the business case for green action for over a decade on his blog, Finding the Gold in Green. In thoughtful, well-written posts, Winston covers the economics of green energy and sustainability from a distinctly commerce-centric angle. His gifts as a speaker shine through his personal-yet-informative writing.

You can catch Winston at his blog, follow him on Twitter or listen to his TED Talk.

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4. Yann Brandt

As managing editor at SolarWakeup, Brandt spends his time running the “most influential site in solar” and hosting its podcast, where he speaks with a rotating cast of energy heavy hitters. From senators to CEOs to policy specialists, Brandt digs deep into the politics of solar energy. This is a true solar wonk’s site, where he covers regulations and programs in serious detail. This makes SolarWakeup a must-visit for those in the solar industry.

Keep up with Brandt by subscribing to his podcast or following him on Twitter.

5. Nikki Fotheringham

Reading about climate change and green energy policy can get a bit draining. That’s why we love Fotheringham’s lighthearted blog, Greenmoxie, as a little environmental palate cleanser. From recycled holiday gifts to home solar installation tips, Fotheringham takes on household sustainability and individual environmental action in an interesting, easy-to-digest format. Plus, she posts some great recipes for sustainable food!

Visit her blog or follow Greenmoxie on Twitter or Instagram.

6. Alastair Dodwell

Dodwell’s greatest hits include the Tango, one of the world’s fastest electric cars, which he helped engineer when he was chief operating officer at Commuter Cars in Washington. That experience primed him to tackle the ever-changing face of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, which he does weekly on his blog, EV Info. The theme is staunchly vehicle-focused, but you’ll find a lot of content dedicated to solar power news, climate change, pollution and energy in general. Plus, you’ll get to take out all the latest EV models for a digital test drive in Dodwell’s spec-laden articles.

Follow him on his blog or connect with him on Twitter.

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