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LG No Longer Manufacturing Solar Panels

Electronics company LG no longer manufactures solar panels. Learn what this means for LG solar system owners and future warranty support.

To the surprise of many, LG is no longer manufacturing solar panels. But it’s not the only solar company that’s folding. 

Many have closed entirely, gone bankrupt, been acquired and even sold off. 

But with LG — one of the most notable popular companies to manufacture solar panels — closing its doors to solar, many are wondering where they can feasibly source their panels. Or if you’re an LG solar owner, you might wonder where to service your existing panels because LG technicians are now unavailable.

Here, we’ll talk about why LG is no longer manufacturing solar panels, whether LG is offering warranty support for the future and where you can find a credible solar provider to source your panels.

Why Is LG Halting Its Solar Business?

As of Feb. 23, 2022, South Korean manufacturing company LG announced it will no longer make or sell solar panels. All its solar manufacturing facilities will also close up shop. This is in an effort to put more resources into other growing areas of its business. 

Statements from LG claim supply constraints, as well as increasing costs for materials and logistics, were the primary reason for halting solar product manufacturing. The company doesn’t believe it can compete with the current solar market. 

Solar products from East Asia remain low-cost and popular, despite tariffs on solar products. Although the Biden administration loosened solar tariffs, LG’s higher prices based on its premium products are still too much for American consumers. 

High-quality yet affordable solar panels are much more common these days, such as with SunPower solar panels. Because LG had to choose between raising its prices due to import tariffs or halting operations altogether, it opted for the latter. 

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Will LG Provide Support in the Future Through Warranties?

Based on LG’s business model change, many LG panel owners are concerned about whether they can receive future support for their solar products. 

Considering that LG stopped producing smartphones in 2021 — a service it provided for decades — it still offers a one-year warranty as well as operating system updates. However, LG stopped manufacturing solar panels at the end of the second quarter of 2022 (June 30). But this doesn’t necessarily mean consumers aren’t covered after that.

LG will still repair and replace defective solar products under its 25-year warranty coverage period. So if you’re an LG solar panel owner, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

But those searching for solar panels will have to scratch LG off their list of options. 

Choosing a Credible Solar Provider

Although LG was one of the most popular companies on the market for solar panel production, it’s not the only major competitor in the crowd. 

You can lean on many other reliable, credible solar providers that have outstanding warranty options, such as Freedom Solar’s 25-year warranty. It covers your product(s), its performance and any needed maintenance. 

But be wary of brands that might offer more than what’s realistic. Some people end up with overpriced solar panels that don’t perform as well as they were promised. 

Many solar systems from dubious providers end up not functioning properly, and thus solar owners don’t save as much as they expected on their energy bills. Additionally, owners may need several replacements, and their warranty doesn’t cover many repairs. 

That’s why it’s incredibly important to do your research before moving forward on any solar product sale. Solar is an investment, so it’s the consumer’s responsibility to read up and choose accordingly when it comes to the solar provider you want to do business with. It’s your money and your energy consumption at stake. 

But it’s also the solar provider’s responsibility to be credible and honest about what it offers. Selling faulty equipment isn’t just bad practice — it’s bad ethics. With that said, Freedom Solar cares about its customers and provides them with only the best possible equipment and service. 

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