Solar Backup Power Texas

Ground Mount Solar with Backup Power Supply in Central Texas

A homeowner on Lake Travis west of Austin was looking for a solar backup power system on his property. We were able to build and connect an attractive ground mount solar panel array in a landscape design and a backup power supply with an off-grid component.

The array is made up of 36 SunPower E-series 327-watt DC solar panels, arranged 4 panels high and 9 panels long. It is directed at a 205 degree azimuth and a 15 degree pitch. There are three circuits of 12, wired in groups of 6 in a series, with 2 groups in parallel to make 12 for each circuit.

The array is located 300 feet from the equipment room, which houses the inverters, power distribution panel (PDP), and solar battery storage is located. Power backup for the home consists of a solar battery backup and a home backup generator. We installed the Iron Edison Lithium Iron Phosphate 48 volt battery. The generator was already onsite.

The PDP ties into the grid as well as the home battery and the backup generator. A separate "emergency panel” is directly fed from the off grid side of this system. The solar panels, battery, or generator can power this panel but it is not grid tied.

The solar power system will offset almost half of the homeowner's annual electricity usage and save the homeowner more than $30,000 over the lifetime of the solar panels.

Having a home battery backup system that includes a backup generator in addition to the solar battery ensures a more robust and redundant power supply during emergency outages.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a custom solar panel battery system from Freedom Solar, contact us today.

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