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Lakemoore Drive

  • Location: Northwest Hills
  • System Size: 21.0kW
  • Panel Type: SunPower 350W
  • Solar Contribution: 91%

“Preserving a midcentury modern home often requires preserving its energy inefficiencies (for example, our home’s original 180+ linear feet of floor-to-ceiling single pane glass). Going solar, we hoped, would allow us to mitigate our home’s enormous energy consumption while retaining its original architectural features.

But, going solar also presented an architectural challenge that was nearly fatal to the project: the orientation of our home required any panels to be placed along the front elevation of our low-lying, single story home. As viewed from the street, the panels and array design would become one of the most prominent features of the home. So, the panels we chose needed to not only work well, they had to be beautiful, and the array designed just right.

These aesthetic concerns almost ended our plan for solar after much comparison shopping. Other providers had no interest in attention to design, and their solar panels were worthy of hiding. Then we found SunPower by Freedom Solar. SunPower’s panels were by far the most beautiful (and efficient), while Freedom Solar Power had by far the most responsive, design-oriented professionals.

Now we save energy, we preserve the architectural integrity of our midcentury home, and we love the way it looks. Home run.”

– Coleson Bruce, Homeowner, SunPower 2018 Intelegant Award National Finalist, Austin, Texas

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