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Solar Panel Installation in St. Cloud, FL

Considering solar panel installation for your home or office? If you’ve been pondering the perks of solar energy, the next step is to arrange a consultation for further insights. Reach out to our team at Freedom Solar Power® today—we’re just a call away and we deliver top-notch solar services in Florida.

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Cost of Home Solar Panels in St. Cloud   

Consider both the initial costs and the long-term investment when evaluating pricing. Though it may seem expensive at first, the rising cost of utility bills is a cost you will never pay off. 

The cost of installing solar panels varies depending on factors such as equipment type, installation location, home size, and daily power consumption.

Speak with our team at Freedom Solar to explore financing options for solar panels in Florida. You could start off with $0 down and monthly payments as low as $100.

Be sure to leverage available solar incentives in Florida. Alongside local programs, homeowners can benefit from the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Upon installation, this federal initiative offers up to 30% back as a tax credit, provided your solar system is financed or fully paid for.

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St. Cloud, FL Commercial Solar Installations

Investing in commercial solar panels is a great way to reduce overhead expenses. Our team will come to your business location to evaluate the best installation plan based on the available space. The goal is to ensure that you have enough energy to power your company.

We are proud to be the experts for commercial solar power in Florida. Our skilled team has experience working in the government sector, with non-profit organizations, and with corporations. We’ll help you break down the numbers so you can see why it is a good investment for your company to install solar panels.

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Why Freedom Solar for Your Solar Panel Installation

What is the best way to choose a trusted provider from the long list of solar power companies in Florida? It’s important to look at the team’s reputation and history. At Freedom Solar, we are proud to be one of the leading solar installation teams. Here are a few reasons why we stand out from the competition:

  • Best Technology: It’s incredible to see the recent advancements in the solar industry. We bring these modern solutions to our clients, ensuring you have state-of-the-art equipment that will maintain reliable performance for many years. We never cut corners when choosing solar panels for your installation.
  • 25-Year Warranty: Because we are selective about solar panels, your equipment comes with a 25-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Our certified team ensures proper installation so you have full warranty coverage on the system.
  • Installation Experts: Various installation factors will influence the productivity and efficiency of your solar panels. Our expert installers understand the ideal solutions based on the local climate and positioning of the sun throughout the year.
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How to Go Solar in St. Cloud

Going solar in Florida is easy: all you need to do is pick up the phone and call the experts. As a homeowner or business owner in the Sunshine State, you can benefit from solar energy throughout the year. 

Our team at Freedom Solar will visit your home or office and provide a customized plan and estimate for your installation. We work hard to educate our customers and encourage them to ask questions. The more you know about solar power, the more confident you will feel about making this investment for your property.

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Solar Backup Power & Storage

In addition to solar panel installation, we encourage you to learn more about storage and backup power solutions. With this dynamic combination, you can generate energy from the sun and store the power to use at night or when the sun is behind the clouds. Backup storage gives you the benefit of ongoing power, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

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We offer solar power to homeowners and businesses in other areas surrounding St. Cloud, FL. Contact our team to see how much you can save.

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