Installation FAQ

Do I need to be home for the installation?

If there is any conduit to be run inside your attic or garage, or other location where the conduit will be run. Likewise, if any equipment (such as the solar inverter(s) or a battery backup) are to be mounted inside (such as a garage), we will need access to that space. Otherwise, you are not required to be present during the installation.

When will the crew be arriving at my house?

We will let you know the estimated arrival time of the crew for your installation. If there are any locked gates that would restrict access to areas we need to work, we ask that these be left unlocked (if possible) if you will not be home. If there are any gate codes (to access your community, for instance) please share those with us before the installation start date.

What if I have dogs?

Please ensure that your pets are secured for the duration of the work anytime our employees are onsite. If we arrive at your house and see that there is an unsecured animal in the work area, we will knock on the door and ask you to put your animal away. If you are not home and the pet is loose in the work area, we will attempt to contact you but will not enter. If we cannot complete our scheduled work due to a loose pet, you may be charged a $250.00 trip fee. Please respect this company policy to help us keep your pets and our employees safe!

What if I want to learn more about how the equipment or conduit will be installed?

We can arrange for our crew lead to meet with you on site on the first day of the installation to go over proposed conduit runs and equipment locations.

What happens after construction is completed? How will y’all get my system turned on?

Our team will be in touch with you about the remaining steps to get your system on. These steps vary depending on your utility and local jurisdiction. Upon passage of any necessary inspections we will provide instructions about how to energize your system, and you will be given access to your monitoring portal.

My system is on and I can see I’m producing energy! Now what?

The final step of the process is the closeout meeting, which will be scheduled with your Energy Consultant. At your closeout meeting you’ll receive a final packet of materials for your installation. This packet contains your system’s design packet, product and warranty information, and service contacts.