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Willie Nelson – Texan, Storyteller, Activist

Willie Nelson’s life can be understood as an exercise in storytelling. His music traffics in characters and scenes, tragedies and triumphs, and his legend grows from eight decades of tall tales about the man himself. Of the stories he’s told on wax over the years, some of our favorites here at Freedom Solar are “Red Headed Stranger,” “Pancho and Lefty,” and “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.” Our favorite stories from his life come from time spent off stage and out of the spotlight trying to make the world a better place.

At Live Aid in 1985, Bob Dylan openly wondered on stage if any of the money raised by the concerts would be going to languishing American farmers. Willie took that as a call to action, inaugurating Farm-Aid with John Mellencamp and Neil Young. In its first year the concert raised $9 million for farmers across America. Willie stayed on with Farm Aid as the president of the board, fighting for the rights of small farmers ever since.

In the mid-2000’s while oil prices skyrocketed and the effects of global warming were widely publicized, Willie decided to do something about it. In 2004, he founded Willie Nelson Biodiesel, which produced diesel fuel from soy and vegetable oils and sold it under the name “BioWillie.” BioWillie’s depot in Carl’s Corner put rural Texas on the cutting edge of sustainability. Willie proved to be ahead of his time with BioWillie, but his independent flair and intent to make a better world were only strengthened.

These days, Willie is a big believer in solar. His compound in Hawaii is entirely off the electrical grid and powered by solar. Last year, he donated barns with solar roofs to the protestors at Standing Rock. And in Texas, he recommends Freedom Solar.

Just like Willie, we’re trying to make the world a better, greener place, but we don’t let that quest stand in the way of our independent streak. We find the balance between a Texan sense of self-reliance and a drive to help our fellow neighbors find the cheapest, cleanest alternative energy source available. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our trusted solar experts to experience the quality of service and Texas pride that Willie sees in us!


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