sustainability and innovation now on air: texas energy lab

Sustainability and Innovation Now On Air: Texas Energy Lab

On our Texas Energy Lab radio show and podcast, you can listen to conversations with fascinating guests about their take on sustainability.

Right around Earth Day this year, we launched a new radio show and podcast called Texas Energy Lab. On the show, we highlight conversations in sustainability and innovation across the Lone Star State.

Every week, our hosts interview business and community leaders. We hear their stories, learn how they’re channeling their energies to improve the world and get their thoughts on what the future may hold.

Topics Covered on Texas Energy Lab podcast

In the past few months, we’ve had the privilege of speaking with esteemed figures in multiple areas:

Our guests have educated us about using solar panels to improve the resale value of our homes (Texas Green Realty). In addition, we’ve learned how to improve the payback of a solar power system through home energy efficiency (CURB).

We loved hearing from organic gardening legend John Dromgoole (The Natural Gardener) so much that we asked for an encore two weeks later!

And we even heard the origin story of our own company, straight from founder Adrian Buck and CEO Bret Biggart (Freedom Solar).

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There are many more exciting discussions to come! Stay tuned at You can follow the show on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you have suggestions for the show or would like to hear from someone in particular on a future episode, drop us a line!