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A Solar Panel System: The Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving

This holiday season, think outside the box and give — or invest in for yourself — solar panels. Hey, a solar panel Christmas sounds wonderful!

Are you sick of trying to figure out what to get your in-laws this holiday season? Are you worried the new toy your child is dreaming about getting for Christmas will just break by New Year’s Day? 

Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting forgoing traditional holiday gifts altogether, but one present rises above the rest when it comes to durability, eco-friendliness and cost savings, to name a few benefits. This holiday season, think outside the box and give — or invest in for yourself — the gift of solar panels.

A solar panel system as a Christmas gift packs so many benefits! Here are some of the many advantages of spreading the solar power cheer this December (or anytime).

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Durability and Long-Lasting Results

Unlike most gifts, which often break and force you to rebuy, manufacturers make solar panels to last. You and your family can look forward to solar panel use for 25 years or longer — far beyond Christmas Day. Plus, solar panels aren’t going out of style anytime soon, and the power they provide will remind your loved ones of your top-notch gift-giving skills.


When you give the gift of solar power, you’re not only gifting you and your family but also giving back to the environment. One of the main benefits of using solar panels is reducing your carbon footprint. This puts you in a position to be an active part of securing a green future — for both your family and the planet as a whole.

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A Learning Moment

Some of the best presents are those that keep teaching lessons long after the wrapping’s gone. If you’re looking to set an example for your children, use a solar panel installation to demonstrate your values. Investing in solar power showcases your priorities and offers valuable lessons about sustainability and eco-friendliness to generations to come.

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Cost and Tax Savings

Granted, a solar panel system might not be the least expensive gift on your Christmas shopping list. But unlike a pair of socks or a bottle of wine, it’ll definitely save you money in the long run. 

Electricity bills often make up a large portion of your monthly expenses, but a solar panel system that powers your home can reduce your utility bills significantly. Even if your panels won’t replace all the energy for your home, you can still expect to see serious savings. 

Additionally, you can expect solar energy tax benefits (aka solar energy tax credits) after solar panel installation. The most common tax benefit is the federal investment tax credit (ITC), which gives you a credit worth 30% of your solar-powered system’s total purchase cost. 

Depending on where you live, you might see slightly different solar energy tax benefits or even incentives. With that in mind, make sure you do your research on region-specific benefits and rebate programs.

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Minimal Maintenance

Yet another benefit of gifting solar panels this holiday season is that they require little maintenance. There’s no need to brave holiday traffic and wait in long lines at the mall to fix a panel’s broken screen or buy replacement batteries. 

Once you’ve had professionals install them, you’ll need to clean and maintain them only annually to keep them in top shape. As we noted earlier, solar panels’ average life span before you need to replace them is around 25 years. So sit back, relax and enjoy your solar energy!

Improved Home Value

Solar panels were a hot trend for houses in 2022. And according to a study from Zillow, they’ll only continue to trend for the foreseeable future. 

Zillow, along with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, reports that adding solar panels can improve your home’s resale price. In 2022, homes with solar panels sold for 4% more on average than those without. In other words, getting a solar panel system for Christmas actually boosts your primary asset!

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Are You Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Well, have we convinced you to add solar panels to your shopping list this holiday season? If you’re interested in purchasing solar panels as a gift that keeps on giving, solar panel company Freedom Solar can help. As a full-service solar company, we’ve been installing commercial solar installations and home solar installation for over 15 years. 

If you’re looking to maintain, repair or upgrade your solar system, we’ve got you covered! Our solar repair and maintenance service department can help you obtain maximum energy production and efficiency.

Contact us today with questions, or schedule your free consultation now and enjoy clean, reliable energy in the new year.

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