TGS Solar Carport in Houston

Solar Installation in Houston Moves Data Company Toward Net-Zero

TGS cuts the ribbon on their solar array at the company's HQ in Houston. Freedom Solar's helping them walk Toward Net-Zero solar energy.

By Bret Biggart

TGS, a global company with a big Houston presence that provides energy data and intelligence, unveiled one of the area’s most innovative and largest solar panel projects. We’re honored to say Freedom Solar helped them create. This marks an important step towards their mission of achieving net-zero solar energy.

Oil & Gas Company Uses Parking Lot for Solar Panels

TGS and Freedom Solar cut the ribbon on canopies of solar panels and modules over the company’s big parking lot at TGS operational headquarters in Houston. TGS has set an ambitious, fast-approaching goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. 

The solar canopies are projected to cover about 60% of their power needs in Houston. TGS will save a lot of money in the process by lowering their electricity bills and generating their own electricity.

The TGS project offers a vivid, large-scale example of how solar is making Texans more free and more safe.

Solar Energy Partnership with Oil & Gas Company

Freedom Solar — the leading turnkey solar energy installer in Texas and the nation — designed the project and installed the solar arrays for TGS. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Kristian Johansen, noted that the effort represents “our first major step toward our goal of becoming a net-zero company.”

I also was honored to speak at the ceremony opening the project last week. As I said, TGS was a great partner. They were willing to explore the possibility of solar power. Especially because they were committed to taking action when the benefits of solar power became clear.

And, as I said, it’s pretty cool to open a major solar installation in the energy capital of the world. It’s no wonder why we decided to open a Houston office for our solar company.

At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we’re just passing through this planet. Projects like the TGS installation ensure that we’ll leave it a little better than we found it. In that way, these things are a really big commitment. We love working with companies that feel the same way about the solution that we do. So we love working on projects like this one.

Oil & Gas Company Reducing Its Carbon Emissions

As for the numbers, the installation consists of five solar arrays — and nearly 1,700 modules — that cover TGS’ employee parking lot. It will avoid the annual emission of 1.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide — that’s equivalent to planting almost 11,000 trees every year.

Add it all up, and the solar canopies will contribute to a more stable, more resilient electricity grid in Texas. As I said in a Texas Tribune editorial that ran earlier this month, every kilowatt that Texans generate themselves frees up power for other families and businesses. That helps keep Texas’ grid running.

So, yes, TGS will be a big winner from this project. But so will every Texan. There are far, far more of these to come; at Freedom Solar, we’re already fired up about the next one. We’ll keep helping families and businesses across the US towards a Net-Zero solar energy future.

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