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Solar Art Day

We were fortunate to have Carol Flueckiger, an artist and Associate Professor of Art at Texas Tech University, visit our headquarters office this afternoon to deliver a hands-on Solar Powered Painting workshop to our team. The technique she has perfected over two decades uses the sun’s exposure to create cyanotype prints on paper or fabric. This was a fantastic way for us to view the work we do every day with solar energy in a whole new light.

“From the moment Carol reached out to us, I knew this was a perfect thing for Freedom Solar Power! The end result was very impressive and the hands-on team building exercise was a great break from the office life. Now we are looking forward to finding ways to integrate this process into our community outreach program.”

– Zach

First, Ms. Flueckiger talked about the history of cyanotype, explained her artistic process, and showed us some of the beautiful prints she had already made.

Then our team got involved with a test run of prints using flowers on small sheets of paper.

The culmination of our experience was creating three different large-scale pieces on fabric using a Lumos solar panel and other pieces of equipment from our warehouse.

We’re grateful to Ms. Flueckiger for sharing her expertise, inspiring our employees, asking insightful questions about the solar power industry, and co-creating new artwork with us!

“I was amazed at the quality. This inspired me to think differently about artwork I create at home.”

– Clay

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