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Our Thoughts on the Solar Tariff

Yesterday the Trump administration released its long-awaited decision in the Section 201 solar trade case. The 30% tariff on imported solar cells and modules – applicable above the first 2.5GW of imports, and declining by 5% per year – was in line with two of the US International Trade Commission’s three recommendations from October 2017.

While this is not the outcome we would have preferred, it is far from the worst-case scenario. The original price floor demand made by Suniva could have resulted in a 2x jump in import costs. Analysts predict that the all-in system cost increase resulting from the approved tariff is likely to range from 3% for residential rooftops to 10% for utility-scale projects (Bloomberg). You can read more about the expected impacts to the industry from Energy Manager Today, NBC News, and Forbes.

Freedom Solar anticipated a decision like this and has planned for it. We will be able to maintain our pricing in the short term and are confident in the solar industry’s long-term growth and bright future.

We believe more people will continue to choose a future powered by renewable energy, and we are in a strong position to weather this storm. You can continue to count on us for high-quality solar panels at a reasonable price, backed up by top-notch service over your system’s lifetime.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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