New Solar Panel Technology Doesn’t Require Sunlight to Generate Energy

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New Solar Panel Technology Doesn’t Require Sunlight to Generate Energy

In 1876, Richard Evans Day and William Grylls Adams discovered that selenium produces electricity when exposed to light. Their solar cell failed to produce much energy, but they at least proved that creating solar energy was possible. 

Since then, solar panel technology has come a long way!

Here we’ll explore a new innovation with solar panel technology: solar panels that don’t require direct sunlight to generate energy.

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These Solar Panels Don’t Need Sunlight

Well, saying that these solar panels don’t need sunlight can be a bit misleading. This new solar panel technology harvests the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays that clouds hinder. So even on an overcast day, these panels generate energy.

Carvey Ehren Maigue, winner of the Sustainability Award of the James Dyson Award 2020, is a student in the Philippines at Mapua University. The Northern Lights inspired him while creating the technology, thus the name “AuREUS” from “aurora borealis.”

Maigue used waste from fruits and vegetables to formulate his luminescent particles. In nature, these particles absorb the sun’s natural UV rays, which then become visible light.

Next, Maigue used these particles to create a film that absorbs UV rays. The solar film goes on to convert the UV rays into light, which in turn generates energy.

Because this solar film doesn’t require direct sunlight, it’s able to generate power even when the sky is overcast. This means the film generates power for a longer time annually. In fact, it not only generates more power but also cuts down on global waste.

The main goal of the AuREUS system is to generate sufficient power to enable self-sustaining buildings.

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Why Go Solar?

Home solar installation have become increasingly popular over the years. They not only reduce your utility bill expenses, but also contribute to environmental conservation by reducing fossil fuel dependence. And that’s not to mention the benefits of energy independence.

Renewable energy is the future, and solar is one of the most cost-efficient options for powering homes. 

It doesn’t cost much to maintain solar panel systems, so your greatest investment is in the initial installation. And solar panels boost your home’s price, too. Potential buyers are increasingly listing solar panels as a must-have for new homes.

So, this new solar panel technology is a breakthrough in both the renewable energy and global waste reduction arenas. Although AuREUS isn’t ready for commercial use, it’s a step in the right direction — we can always improve existing tech.

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Harness the Sun’s Power With Freedom Solar

Renewable energy is the future, and solar power has crucial uses.

If you’re ready to join the green energy movement, contact solar panel company Freedom Solar. We’d love to help you reach your sustainability goals. 

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