Guide to Going Solar with Dominion Energy in Virginia & North Carolina

Thinking of installing solar in Virginia or North Carolina? If you are one of Dominion Energy’s 2.5 million customers and live in those areas, the utility company offers a variety of programs that support homeowners looking for reliable and affordable renewable energy. 

Dominion Energy provides electric services across a wide region, primarily covering areas in Virginia and northeast North Carolina, as well as the southern portion of South Carolina. In Virginia, Dominion Energy’s service territory extends through various parts of the state, including but not limited to the Valley Region, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Winchester, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Lexington, Martinsburg, Roanoke, and Waynesboro. In North Carolina, the provider covers select areas in the northeast corner.1

Whether you’re contemplating the installation of rooftop solar panels or seeking to understand the benefits of net metering, this guide will help you navigate all of Dominion Energy’s programs with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. 2

What Home Solar Incentives Does Dominion Energy Offer?

Dominion Income and Age Qualifying Solar Program

Solar incentives in Virginia, hosted by Dominion Energy, include a program specifically designed for eligible customers within their Virginia service territory, providing a 25-year warranty for maintenance and repairs at no extra cost.3

To qualify, customers must have previously participated in one of Dominion Energy’s Income-Qualifying programs, which assist low-income, elderly, and disabled individuals by installing measures that lower heating and cooling expenses and improve health and safety. 


  • Income and Age Qualifiers: Must be a current or prospective residential rate schedule electric service customer of Dominion Energy Virginia, with a household income not exceeding 80% of the local median or 60% of the state median, whichever is higher or is above 60 with an income not exceeding 120% of the state median. 
  • Residential Requirements: Eligibility extends to residents in single-family homes, townhouses, or mobile homes on permanent foundations, and organizations serving qualifying individuals. 
  • Documentation: For solar installation, participants must complete the necessary documentation, including a program application, assessment form, and PJM’s Generator Owner’s Consent Form, ensuring homeowner consent for the installation.

Dominion Energy Solutions’ Solar Loan Programs

Dominion Energy Solutions offers a variety of solar financing options, including loans with no initial down payment, to assist in the acquisition of solar panels. Through this program, homeowners are allowed to maintain ownership of their systems. The program offers low interest rates and 10 and 25 year repayment options. There are no penalties for paying off the loan early.

Details of Net Metering with Dominion: Virginia & North Carolina

Dominion Energy customers with a solar (PV) system can participate in the net metering program. Net metering in Virginia and North Carolina allows solar (PV) systems to be connected to the grid, ensuring a consistent energy supply even during times of underproduction. 

How It Works

Dominion Energy facilitates this by installing a specialized meter that tracks electricity flow in both directions. Any surplus energy generated by your system is fed back into the grid, potentially earning you credits or payments for the excess produced.4

Conversely, when your production falls short, electricity from the grid supplements your needs. Charges are applied based on the “net” energy usage over a specified period. 

The electricity your solar panels produce reduces the amount you need to buy from Dominion Energy. If your solar panels generate more electricity than your home uses in a billing cycle, you’ll get a credit on your account. This credit can then be used to lower the cost of your future electricity bills from Dominion Energy whenever you use more electricity than your solar panels produce.

For Dominion Energy’s net metering program, credits are the same as the rates and prices that Dominion Energy customers pay for their electricity.


Residential properties have a net metering cap of 25 kW, far beyond what most homes use. The state’s aggregate capacity limit is “1% of utility’s adjusted Virginia peak-load forecast for the previous year.”

How To Qualify

You’ll follow these basic steps to enroll for Dominion Energy’s net metering program in Virginia or North Carolina. For more detailed information, visit their requirements page. 

  1. Complete an Interconnect Request form based on your generator size. Your installer should help facilitate this. 
  2. Submit the Interconnect Request form and application fee to Dominion Energy. 
  3. When the review is completed, Dominion Energy will inform you about any additional system protection requirements to complete the interconnection.
  4. Once the final interconnection notification form is approved, your 12-month net metering period begins. 

Are There Other Solar Incentives with Dominion Energy?

No. Dominion Energy previously had a Solar Purchase Program, but it ended in 2020. However, residents of both states can take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This allows homeowners to take advantage of the IInflation Reduction Act’s 30% tax credit. Homeowners can claim this incentive through a purchase and installation of a solar (PV) system. The credit is available for systems that are installed between January 1, 2023 and on through December 31, 2034.

Choosing a Solar Installer in Virginia & North Carolina

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