Guide to Going Solar with CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy, based in Houston, Texas, plays a vital role in energy delivery across 2.5 million customers in a 5,000 square mile area. Founded in 1866, the company is an American electric and natural gas utility icon that now also has service in other states like  Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Mississippi. 

As a seasoned player in the energy industry, CenterPoint Energy has been at the forefront of the solar energy movement in Texas. The company offers distributed solar generation through interconnection to a range of customers, including homes, businesses, and remote areas.

CenterPoint Energy is so committed to a sustainable future that they plan to have more than 80% of their electricity generated by solar and wind sources by 2030.1

Whether you’re a homeowner looking into Texas solar incentives or a business aiming to boost its sustainability efforts, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about going solar with CenterPoint Energy. 

Does CenterPoint Energy Buy Back Solar Power?

Texas has a wealth of solar incentives and rebates that make adopting solar energy more affordable, including solar buyback programs. 

These programs, also known as a feed-in tariff, involve the utility company paying the homeowner for all the electricity their solar system generates, regardless of whether it’s consumed in the home or sent back to the grid. The rate at which the utility company buys this electricity is usually predetermined and might be lower than the retail electricity rate. 

CenterPoint does not offer a solar buy-back program. CenterPoint Energy is a regulated “poles and wires” utility, which means that although we do not sell electricity directly to the end user, we deliver electricity to more than two million customers on behalf of the REPs. 

The company does, however, work with local retail electricity suppliers (REPs) A smart meter captures excess generation and sends that information to your REP and, in one or two billing cycles, will reflect a credit for excess generation funneled back to the utility grid.2  There are retail electricity providers in Texas that you may be able to sign up with and who do offer a solar buyback incentive in Texas:

  • Rhythm Energy
  • Champion Energy
  • Almika Solar
  • Octopus Energy
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • TXU Energy 
  • Reliant

The Best Rebates & Incentives for CenterPoint Customers

Federal Solar Tax Incentive

Although CenterPoint Energy does not offer any direct solar rebates or incentives, Texas residents can still take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This incentive allows homeowners to deduct 30% of their solar installation costs from their federal taxes.

Through this rebate, our customers are receiving, on average, $10,500 in solar costs paid back by the government as a tax credit. 

Potential Cost Savings on Energy Bills as a CenterPoint Residential Customer

In general, our Texas customers are realizing substantial savings, saving on average $30,000 in electricity costs over a 25-year period, by adopting solar energy systems. 

Solar financing options in Texas start as low as $100 per month, making it an accessible and practical choice for many households and businesses. If monthly electricity expenses are already part of your budget, it would be an excellent choice to reallocate those funds toward a sustainable and cost-effective solar system.

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