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Freedom Solar Expands to Colorado

Freedom Solar Expands to Colorado as the State’s First Sunpower Master Dealer

Freedom Solar is excited to announce its expansion to Colorado. With the world’s best solar technology and Southern hospitality, we’re thrilled to give Coloradans the power to make their own electricity and gain energy independence.

Texans and Coloradans have a lot in common, even more than love for rodeos and chili. Folks in the Centennial State also have a ton of state pride, an independent spirit and an adventurous lifestyle that the sun fuels. The temperatures may differ, but we both have diverse landscapes that make outdoor activities a way of life.

And it’s a perfect place for solar.

Coloradans are committed to protecting their state’s beautiful landscape and keeping their communities clean. Freedom Solar aims to support Colorado with clean energy from SunPower. What benefits us all is that SunPower makes the most efficient, durable and sustainable solar panels on the market.

Why Colorado Also Loves Solar

Texas currently ranks 4th in the nation for solar potential, and it’s poised to outshine top states like California. Ranked 12th in the nation, Colorado was one of the first states to have a renewable energy standard. It’s also aiming for fully renewable energy by 2040.

Like Texas, Colorado has multiple solar programs and incentives and favorable legislation. Fortunately, these factors allow Coloradans to gain energy independence and save with solar. With a high altitude and 300 days of sun per year on average, going solar in Colorado is a no-brainer!

Our Colorado Story

While Freedom Solar is a Texas-born and bred company, our connection to Colorado isn’t new. In fact, it’s where our Chief Installation Officer Adrian Buck found his passion for solar. That formative experience also planted the seeds for the company values we hold today.

Adrian’s Story

“I am not a person who puts much weight in official titles, but I am known as the founder of Freedom Solar. The way I see it is that Freedom Solar found me, and since then Freedom Solar has found many other great solar professionals who heard the call.

“In 2005 I was living in Colorado, installing solar for other sales companies. When the Colorado rebate began, It was easier for people to justify the extremely high price and uncertainty of becoming early adopters in an unproven industry. It was very important for the future of this industry, and for me personally, that these early adopters received a quality experience.

“Subcontracting the installations from other sales companies limited my ability to give these customers a high-quality experience from start to finish as they were going solar. It also made it hard to support manufacturers’ warranties or provide ongoing service and maintenance to make sure the systems continued to perform throughout the years. I was compelled to do my best to control the entire process from start to finish, continue to support these customers into the future, and make sure that they continued to believe that their investment in solar was a good choice.

“Those core values of quality craftsmanship, putting people first and going above and beyond have guided Freedom Solar Power ever since. After serving and growing the Texas market all these years, we are very passionate about returning to Colorado to serve our communities and lead the solar revolution.”

—Adrian Buck, Freedom Solar Founder and Chief Installation Officer

Adrian with array 2.jpg

Open For Business in Colorado

Freedom Solar is open and ready to serve the Front Range! Our Colorado Springs and Denver offices and warehouses are open for service for commercial or home solar installations.

With local teams already on the ground, we’re ready to get to work putting power back into Coloradans’ hands. Make sure to give your Colorado friends and families the heads-up! They can now take advantage of our award-winning customer service and industry-leading SunPower technology.

Looking to maintain, repair or upgrade your solar system in the Colorado area? Our solar repair and maintenance service department can help you obtain maximum energy production and efficiency.

It’s time to spread the solar revolution, y’all!

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