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A New Solar Company Coming to The Old North State

Your certified SunPower Master Dealer in North Carolina with operations in the Triangle region then expanding to Charlotte!

The first and only certified SunPower Master Dealer in North Carolina with operations beginning in the Triangle region then expanding to Charlotte. 

Freedom Solar’s solar panels are now under North Carolina’s authentic Carolina blue sky. The company is taking its hard working “cowboy” spirit into the Tarheel state, expanding operations to the greater Triangle region, including Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, and soon-to-launch Charlotte. The move gives North Carolina its first and only Master Dealer of solar systems from SunPower©, the industry leader for best-in-class solar product quality, performance and value.  

Whether you are a beach or mountain person, North Carolinians are passionate about preserving both environments. With operations in the market beginning in September 2020, we already have 50 homeowners joining the Freedom Solar family. Maybe you’re completely starting fresh with solar and want to understand “the why” before you commit to “the what.” If that’s you, don’t sweat it – we are committed to educating our consumers before they purchase.   

  1. Our products create long-term savings:  

First and foremost, the switch to solar could reduce – or even eliminate – your monthly utility bill by harnessing the power of the sun. The sun will help cut out the middleman of your electric company, relying less on increasingly hefty electricity rates, depending on energy use. On top of energy savings, did you know you can sell excess energy back to your utility provider? Through net metering, you can set up a billing agreement between you and your utility provider. When your system collects more energy than can be used in your home, you can supply the energy to your city’s electric grid in exchange for credits on your electric bill!  

There are also many local, state, and federal incentive programs to help save money on initial solar investments. The Federal government offers a solar investment tax credit where households receive almost a third of the cost of their system back through federal tax returns following their solar installation. With this incentive in place until 2032, North Carolina’s solar economy is rapidly growing, leading fourth in the nation based on megawatts of energy produced. An estimated 170,000 North Carolina households plan to install rooftop panels because of incentives passed by the federal and state governments, according to White House estimates.  

  1. Our products provide energy independence:  

Every solar system has the capacity to withstand heavy storms and still function when conventional power grids are down, an added safety net during stormy seasons. Solar battery systems keep the power on for safety during outages, preventing productivity losses, avoiding perishable food waste, and eliminating costly repairs like frozen pipes and flooded rooms. Backup power systems can also make it possible to use the solar energy you produce outside of daylight hours to power your home or electric car. Freedom Solar provides end-to-end in-house solutions to achieve energy independence, offering solar systems and solar batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall.  

Having a home solar installation, especially a durably protected one, provides a needed safety net for power emergencies. At Freedom Solar, our goal is to help every homeowner achieve energy independence as quickly as possible as the risk of power outages increases due to extreme weather events, an aging electric grid, and a growing population. 

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  1. Our products are great for the environment:  

Solar is more supportive of a sustainable future than traditional energy sources, allowing for energy production without the expulsion of CO2. Freedom Solar’s panels have saved over 1.7 billion pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere – the same environmental benefit as taking approximately 167,000 cars off the road. We’ve installed a cumulative 157 megawatts of energy infrastructure – the highest of any Master Dealer of SunPower technology – and we have 15,000 customers to date across Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia and now North Carolina.  

In expanding our servicing area into North Carolina, we hope to bring more businesses and families into our mission to supply and support a cleaner world. Since 2007 we’ve led the solar industry with the mission to empower others to harness the clean energy from the sun. Taking agency for your own energy not only provides short and long-term financial savings but lays the foundation for the future of sustainable energy, setting the path for a new standard.  

With the opportunity to save money, become energy independent, and even help preserve the environment, the last piece of the puzzle is making sure the product, well, works. We want our customers to sleep easy knowing that Freedom Solar’s panels are the most durable panels on the market. Even if the panels manage to break, there is a comprehensive 25-year solar warranty, just for choosing Freedom Solar as your installer. The 25 years of bumper-to-bumper coverage includes power production, product coverage, and service/labor. If any issues, which are rare, arise with your array, Freedom Solar replaces the product on behalf of the manufacturer.  

Maybe this all makes sense to you, but you’d like to hear from a fellow North Carolinian? We’ve got you covered.  

Matthew Vaughn, a homeowner in Clayton, was thrilled to find out Freedom Solar Power was available in North Carolina. He said, “I knew SunPower had a really great product and that was a differentiator for me. As part of building our new home, we went solar for independence and reliability of energy. We wanted to be prepared for the unknown — to be self-sufficient and future-proof. Plus, we wanted to lock in our energy prices for the foreseeable future to combat inflation.”  

We’re excited to see what the future holds with the North Carolina market and are ready to help continue to educate local homeowners and business owners on what switching to solar could mean for them.

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