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Leading the Solar Revolution Since 2007

At Freedom Solar, we are on a mission to empower everyone to get clean, affordable, reliable energy from the sun.

Three Freedom Solar technicians installing panels on a house roof

Early on, our founder installed solar panels for Central Texas homeowners one project at a time. Over time, we won business from top companies and organizations. Whole Foods, the University of Texas, Office Depot, Covert Auto, and many others chose Freedom Solar Power™ as a renewable energy provider because of our reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and customer service.

Over the years, the Freedom Solar team gained extensive training, certification, and specialized expertise in managing complex solar and backup power projects. Our decades of residential and commercial solar panel installation experience includes ground-mount solar energy systems, solar carports, and more.

Large home with solar panels on roof
Four Freedom Solar installers on a commercial building roof

Today, Freedom Solar™ has expanded to serve all of Texas as well as markets in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, providing alternative energy to thousands of residential customers and hundreds of commercial solar power clients. We have offices based in our hometown Austin, as well as in San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Colorado Springs, Denver, Tampa, Orlando, Norfolk, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte.

Freedom Solar teamed up with SunPower in 2014, first as an authorized dealer and in 2016 became the only SunPower Master Dealer in Texas. We’ve since become a SunPower Master Dealer in Colorado, central Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. The partnership combines SunPower’s world record-setting technology with Freedom’s attention to detail. Together, we share a commitment to quality and to our community. It’s a match that will maximize your return on investment for the life of your system.

Freedom Solar technicians installing solar panels on commercial building roof
Freedom Solar technician sitting on roof next to solar panels

As the solar power contractor of choice, we help people like you achieve the financial and environmental benefits of generating your own renewable power. Our clients are preserving natural resources while saving millions of dollars that can be invested or spent somewhere other than the utility company.

Freedom Solar has been in business since 2007. Our founder, Adrian Buck, used to install solar panels in central Texas. That experience inspired him to create his own solar panel company. Since our establishment in Austin over 15 years ago, we’ve expanded to eleven other locations, spanning five states. We’ve grown extensive portfolios in both residential and commercial sectors, and we’ve worked with large enterprises like Whole Foods and Office Depot. 

Adrian Buck is the owner, founder and chief installation officer of Freedom Solar Power. Our full list of board members includes Chief Executive Officer Bret Biggart, President and Chief Operations Officer Ryan Hunter, Chief Expansion Officer Chad Preece, Chief Financial Officer Mark Villani, Chief Administrative Officer Meredith Jarrett, Head of Commercial Sales Kyle Frazier, Head of Residential Sales Aaron Heth, Chief Marketing Officer Sherren Harter and Chief Safety and Training Officer Jesse Hardy. 

Yes, Freedom Solar offers optimal maintenance and repair services. Our 25-year warranty plan covers these services, including the performance, product and workmanship for your SunPower solar panels. This is to ensure your panels’ output remains at 92% minimum by year 25, full coverage of maintenance, repair and replacement costs if your panels are damaged, and services from our in-house team of NABCEP-certified installers and licensed electricians. 

Freedom Solar has one warranty option: a 25-year plan covering the performance, product and workmanship of your SunPower solar panels. We designed our warranty to keep your panels’ energy output at a minimum of 92%, and it covers any service labor needed for your actual product and additional equipment. Whether environmental conditions (like weather) damage your panels, they need routine maintenance services or they require full replacement — our warranty has you covered. 

People who own electric vehicles (EVs) likely have home charging stations to power their cars. Solar panels can connect to those home charging stations to fully power your EV at night or whenever it’s not in use. Freedom Solar also offers solar carports that help protect your vehicle from harsh sunlight, inclement weather, pollen and more. Additionally, certain solar carport designs have EV charging stations connected to them. 

Freedom Solar offers SunPower solar batteries as well as Tesla Powerwalls as backup power solutions for your home or business. So, if there’s a power outage, or if you have an off-grid solar panel system, you have a couple options when it comes to sourcing and storing power.

Yes, Freedom Solar can clean your solar panels so you don’t have to. We highly recommend contacting our service department if your panels need a deep cleaning. Quality maintenance will remove excess dirt, debris, leaf and snow buildup. Most solar panels systems are roof-mounted, but even if they’re wall-mounted or ground-mounted, Freedom Solar’s service team will clean them efficiently, thoroughly and safely (especially since scaling roofs can be dangerous). Having a professional present to follow safety protocols is in your best interest.

Freedom Solar has offices in 11 cities spanning five states. Our headquarters are in Austin, Texas, with other statewide offices located in Houston, San Antonio and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We have two Colorado offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, as well as two Florida offices in Tampa and Orlando. Our Virginia office is in Norfolk-Virginia Beach, and our newest offices are in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina

Yes! Freedom Solar has an on-site solar potential calculator that helps you determine the solar power potential of your home or business. To find an estimate, the calculator takes the amount of shading you select for your building and the average amount of your monthly electric bill. We can also determine your building’s solar potential by finding your Sun Number Score, which ranges from 0 to 100 (70 or higher is a great score). The score considers factors like your regional climate, your area’s average electricity rates, your building itself (like its slope, orientation and size) and how much it costs to go solar in your area. 

We Live By Our Core Values

Pride in Quality Craftsmanship

We will provide the best quality equipment for every installation and top notch service. We do a good job, the right way.

Go Above and Beyond

We go out of our way to exceed every customer’s expectations. If there’s a problem, we make it right.

Put People First

We work together as a team to pitch in, do our part, and always pick up the phone.

Give a Damn

We show up every day ready to go and work to leave the world better than we found it.

Shoot Straight

We are honest and transparent. You can always trust us to shoot straight with you.

Have a Humble Heart

We live by the golden rule, put customers’ needs ahead of ourselves, and treat our customers and each other like family.

We are your solar company for photovoltaic (PV) solutions.

Two Freedom Solar technicians carrying a solar panel

It All Starts with an Evaluation

If you are ready to stop renting power from the utility and instead to begin making your own alternative energy, let’s begin. We are here to give you the facts about going solar and a straightforward evaluation of your solar potential. We will show you exactly what solar would look like on your business or home and explain the costs and financing options. If we discover that solar is not right for you, we won’t waste your time.

Our Promise to You

If you choose to install solar panels, our commitment to you starts from our initial consultation and continues for the life of your system. Our 25-year power, product, and workmanship warranty ensures that your asset will produce returns for decades. We provide the strongest warranty because we believe that personal accountability creates quality customer service, and building relationships is the only way we grow.

Freedom Solar is Committed To Quality

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