+ Why should I choose Freedom Solar for my solar panel installation?

Freedom Solar is locally owned and operated, founded in 2007 by brothers-in-law who were born and raised in Austin, Texas. We are the largest solar panel installer in Texas and have completed projects for commercial clients including Whole Foods, University of Texas, and The United States Air Force, along with thousands of residential solar panel projects in Texas. We take pride in providing quality service throughout the turn-key installation process and most importantly, servicing your solar array after the installation is complete.

+ What is the benefit of installing SunPower solar panels?

SunPower solar panels convert more sunlight to electricity, producing 44% more power per panel, and 75% more energy per square foot over 25 years. SunPower panels are the industry leaders in efficiency, and SunPower provides a 25-year complete coverage warranty on all their products.

+ What kind of warranty comes with the array?

25 years bumper to bumper coverage includes power production, product coverage, and service/labor. If any issues, which are rare, arise with your array, Freedom Solar replaces the product on behalf of the manufacturer. This differentiates Freedom Solar from other offered 25-year warranties. Additionally, Freedom Solar provides a life-time transferable warranty on the solar panel installation.

+ Which direction is best for solar panels to face?

Solar panels are most productive when South facing given our location North of the equator. However, anything from due East to just past due West is a productive solar window.

+ Does it have to go on the front of my house?

In some cases, yes it does. This is simply based on what your available roof surfaces are.

+ Will my HOA have a problem with this?

Most HOA's are super cool about solar. They may have a restriction or two, but the good thing is that Texas passed a law forbidding HOA's from blocking solar panel installation.

+ What about hail?

SunPower solar panels are designed, rated, and tested to withstand hail up to 1 inch in diameter traveling at 54 mph. Moreover, your panels will be covered under your general homeowner's policy, and if you have a broken panel you will likely need a new roof anyways, so it will all be handled as an insurance claim.

+ Will my homeowner’s insurance go up?

In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance will not go up. It depends on how comprehensive your current coverage is. If you need to add coverage, it can cost an extra $10 - $80 per year.

+ Do you have to penetrate the roof?

The only non-penetrating roof application is on a standing seam metal roof. On all others we use a very reliable roof flashing made especially for solar mounting systems.

+ What roof material is the best?

Standing seam metal is probably the best roof material, but we frequently work with composition shingle.

+ Do these things come with batteries?

They do not. Off-grid or battery backup solutions are available and your energy consultant will be happy to go over those with you.

+ What does this thing cost?

This depends on your utility company, local jurisdictions, and your existing electrical service. Our energy consultants will create a unique proposal for you that we will present during your on-site appointment following the site analysis.

+ Just tell me what the damn thing costs!

At a very high level, we can tell you that most of our customers tend to finance their investment and can do so with no money out of pocket and a payment that is often below their energy savings from day one. Our cash customers typically see a payback in 5-7 years, and an IRR that exceeds what the general stock market has historically returned over the last 70 years.

+ What solar panels do you sell/use?

There are a lot of options out there, and we have done a careful job to curate our solar panel offering. Our primary panel partner is SunPower, a US-based company with the most efficient solar panel in the world.

+ How long does it take to get the solar panel system installed?

It takes about 1-3 days for the actual install, but there is a backlog of projects in the install cue and a number of steps that need to be completed before we can mount the system on your roof. The typical period from contract signing to install is about 90 days.

+ Can I over-size the system and sell back for a profit?

It depends on if your utility offers such a program – this is something our energy consultants can research for you.

+ Why should I go with Freedom Solar Power?

Texas ownership, superior products, best warranty, and the most experience. We're proud to be rated the #1 solar contractor in Texas.

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