The Solar-Umba 4000
The Solar-Umba 4000

The World’s First Solar-Powered Earth Vacuum

This Earth Day we askEd…

Why don’t we keep our Earth home as tidy as we should? Maybe because we haven’t invented a giant, solar-powered home appliance to clean it with yet — until now! 

Our Solar-Umba 4000 did the dirty work this Earth Day. Using clean, limitless power of solar to clean up our world, so you could get out and enjoy it!

live from austin, TX

On Saturday, April 22nd, our Solar-Umba 4000 took to the streets of Austin, Texas, cleaning up over 200 lbs of trash throughout the city.

Do you live on Earth? In a town? With streets? And debris? Do you need our giant-sized Earth vacuum’s services? 

Let us know and it could come to your town next!

Austin TX
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Get to know the SOLAR-UMBA 4000

SOLAR-UMBA 4000 Stats
SOLAR-UMBA 4000 Stats


By powering their homes with unlimited clean energy from the sun, Freedom Solar Power customers have helped avoid 1,709,261 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

  • That’s like taking 175,543 cars off the road…
  • preventing 912,589,550 pounds of coal from being burned…
  • or planting 13,471,143 trees!

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Being from Texas, there’s one subject we’re experts on: the sun. And since 2007, when we were founded in our hometown of Austin, Freedom Solar Power has been on a mission to deliver solar power solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We help them live more powerfully and use their energy as they see fit. We empower over 18,000 residential customers and hundreds of commercial customers including Whole Foods, Office Depot, Shake Shack, YMCA, the United States Marine Corps, and The University of Texas to go pollution and guilt-free. 

As the only SunPower master dealer in Texas, we combine award-winning leading solar technology + 25-year warranty with local expertise driven by craftsmanship and attention to detail. We also bring the same Texan know-how to residential customers in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. At Freedom Solar Power, we do everything in our power to give you the energy independence you deserve and the confidence to Be Most PowerfulTM.

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