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Generator and battery systems keep the power on for your safety during outages, preventing productivity losses, avoiding perishable goods waste, and eliminating costly repairs like frozen pipes and flooded rooms. Backup power systems can also make it possible to use the solar energy you produce outside of daylight hours to power your home or electric car.


Never Lose Power

Build resiliency into your home solar power system or go off grid. We are a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall and Kohler generator. Get a free quote to find out which solution is right for your North Texas home.


World's Best Solar

Compliment your battery backup system with SunPower®, the world’s most advanced, efficient, and sustainable solar technology, designed in the USA and backed by the industry’s best 25-year warranty.


Texas #1 Installer

Freedom Solar is DFW's choice for integrated solar solutions, trusted by thousands of customers for our craftsmanship and personal attention to detail. We are Texas' only SunPower master dealer and largest Powerwall 2 installer.

How Does Backup Power Protect Your Family?

Backup power, whether through a solar battery or generator or both, can help protect your family and your home during outages. The threat of extreme weather events, both summer heat waves and frigid winter ice storms, continues to grow. Those events constrain electricity supply on an aging grid at the same time that electricity demand continues to grow as more people move to Texas. The grid failure and blackouts we have experienced this year are just the latest examples of a growing trend, reminding us that the best way to keep your home running safely is to take control of making and storing your own power.

Tesla Powerwall 2

What Is Backup Power?

Backup power is a system that connects to energy sources—typically solar panels and the electric grid, or natural gas or propane—to store excess power and return it to your home when you need it, either because of a power outage during an emergency or to use your solar energy when the sun isn't shining. In most cases, your backup power supply will come from a whole home generator or a home battery.

Today’s solar batteries are also intelligent energy management systems that can optimize your home’s energy usage to take advantage of utility time-of-use plans or to ensure that your electric car is charged with solar power.


What Incentives Are Available for Backup Power?

There are several incentives available for battery backup power for your home as long as it is paired with a renewable energy system. Batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall are eligible for the 26% federal investment tax credit as long as they are powered by home solar panels. Local utility rebates for solar PV—such as those offered by Oncor, CoServ, Garland Power & Light, and Denton Municipal Electric—will lower the overall cost of your solar + battery system. Finally, when you purchase solar and battery backup together, you finance them together to make only one combined loan payment.


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